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Being willing to be fully known means you can use your powers and ability to the fullest extent.

Being unwilling to be known or have you actions fully known places you on the restraint of your powers, abilities, Beingness and presence.  It is the route to incompetence and inconsequentialness.

Hence we have a dictum here and in Knowledgism: BE KNOWN for who and what you are and have accomplished!

(That's my little 2 cents worth here)




SUCCESS: n. The achievement of something desired, planned or attempted. 

STORY: n. The narrating or relating of an event or series of events.
                                                                                                American Heritage Dictionary

            It is vital you understand the power that writing success stories restores to you.

            When you attain a win, regain an ability, or recover a state of being, the change first occurs in your own universe.  If you do nothing further with it, that is where it stays, in your own universe.

            When you tell another or others about the win, ability or state it can become part of their universe too.  But, it is still limited as at best the new knowledge, ability or beingness can only be utilized between you and those you have told.

            However, when you write a Success Story recounting the recovery of and describing the win, ability or state, you have entered the win, ability or state into the physical universe and it stays there.

            The physical universe is the playing field where you operate and play the games of life.  To utilize your newly attained knowledge, abilities and states you must bring them into the physical universe.

            Writing Success Stories adds your regained awareness, knowledge, abilities, and states to your position in the physical universe, adding to your power, strength and ability to win at the games of life.  Not writing Success Stories leaves this power solely in your own universe, often unavailable to be used in playing your games in life.

            Reluctance to write Success Stories is a reluctance to utilize the win, ability or state in the physical universe.  It is a reluctance to be successful in your games in life.

            Making the writing of Success Stories painful is a major act of sabotage.  Such things as: being hit for writing Success Stories, demanding false Success Stories, refusing to ask for Success Stories, making less or nothing of Success Stories, invalidating or ridiculing Success Stories, and more, are all acts of sabotage.
            These acts sabotage you, and your power, by blocking your ability to bring into the physical universe and utilize your regained awareness, knowledge, abilities, and states in your games in life.  They make you success reluctant.

            Do not let the tacit or overt saboteurs win.  Push through any reluctance you may already have and write Success Stories on every win, regained ability, or recovered state you have.

            If this is still hard for you to do run:

            Connected to Success Stories what have you done?

            Connected to Success Stories what haven't you said?

            If still resistive run:

            Are there any unwritten Success Stories?

            Tell me about it?

            Write it up.

            This will greatly enhance you to fully regain the use of your wins, abilities, states and power to win in the games of life.


                                                                                                                        ALAN C. WALTER

5 March 1997

Copyright Ó 1997
Alan C. Walter
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Reply #1
Synchronicity like this is quite fun.

I had been reluctantly harboring this win for 2 days feeling foolish about sharing it. Today I was reading Paradigm Matrix and came across these words:

"Writing out and expanding your perception of the optimum completed actual dream is vital if you want to be fully responsible for achieving your dream."

I had a big sigh, a huge urge toward procrastination and then I decided "now or never". I stopped reading, wrote everything up and took the plunge to put it in the "womb" of the forum with other aligned beings, and look what hatched!

Technology that works so rapidly is hard to ignore for sure!

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Reply #2
I had great wins on this post actually (M&

Cindy and myself are busy with the SPIEPIR processes and they truly are jaw dropping. As it happens we were on the "positive paradigm shift using object handling by implementing Spirit-Perceive-Intend-Envision-Plan-Implement-Result" as I read this post.

The process has this line in it: "you can take any object and put the client into contact with that object and thus bring about a remarkable
change of cause and control over that object." One of the lines in the process is:

"Formulate a winning intention that would allow you to have more of the _____"

That made me think that it can be great to use on success stories. BTW, it is a very bad idea to run it on negative stuff like prostitutes or drugs, I am sure you can see that it will not "gel" well with the question above )?

So I took a piece of paper and wrote on it "success story" and get going with the SPIEPIR process . Man, did I realize things, thank to the other practice I once belonged to. Things like long bloated success stories because short ones will seem that I do not appreciate my wins enough or that they might seem not big enough, making wins bigger then they were to just get a completion or to please someone, getting the feeling my success stories in more about them having a stat and for PR purposes than it is about me winning etc.

I can see how the r/d's mentioned in the bulletin will bring these things up as well and probably easier than with the SPIEIR process. I used the SPIEPIR r/d just because that is the processes I was doing at the time and wanted some practice with it.

In addition to what Roger mentions to me it is also a summary of a session or the "take away" from the session.



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