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In the early days of my spiritual quest, I thought Scientology had the answers . . . boy, was I wrong.

What I am about to relate to you is an example (using just one point/subject) of the errors and omissions, elisions and major dropped balls of Scn "standard tech."

Let us look at the subject of handling an upset.  It is a big subject to be handled for folks, lots of upsets occurring on many life issues for very many people.

Indeed, in Scn, it is an item that has to be checked at the beginning of every session as part of "the Rudiments" . . . there it is dealt with on the basis of checking to see if there has been a break in Affinity, Reality, Communication or Understanding.  But Scn has other procedures for "handling upsets"  . . . there is the "List 1C" that checks for possible causes of upset, and also there are other By-Passed Charge Correction Lists that purport to handle "Upsets."

Well, here is the joke in the pack . . .Scientology does address/handle upsets, but it does not restore, put back in place or handle the setup that got upset!  That is, in the example of ARC, it does not address the prior ARC that got trashed and restore it to its former proper state!

Just look at the procedure and see what it actually does:  it assesses for the "item" that went out, indicates it to the client, lets the client get off some charge on the event that offended . . . and then, as that charge lifts and the meter manifests the "FN" the client is interrupted with the indication that "your needle is floating" . . . . and the ARC and happy state that existed prior to the upset is ignored, not addressed or actually processed to be restored or put back under the client's full knowing control! 

Compare this to the Knowledgism rundown I used in an emergency session for a client/friend just recently.

My friend "X" came to me with a huge upset he needed an emergency session on to help him.  He had been working with a company who had gone through some management changes that then kept rearranging his sales territories and generally causing chaos.  And the straw that broke the camel's back was his being dismissed for non-production when in fact he had a history of top sales performer prior to management messing with him and his territories.  "X" had also had some other recent upsetting events occur in his life which he had mostly dealt with in solo sessions as he is a trained processor.  But, in his current condition, it all had become collapsed into the generality of the scene of "things going wrong" that he wanted my help in handling.

As it happens, one of the things I have been observing recently is that folks coming to us from other, earlier technologies are often all running on an erroneous proposition or operating paradigm.

They come to me looking to find what is "wrong" to get it fixed  . . . rather than coming to find the rightness and the positive and power and get it restored.

When I asked X what his attention was on and what was going on, his answer was in the vein of:  "I've got something going on in my life.  I keep pulling in all these bad situations and getting in the "wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people."  He was telling me he was causing all of the "bad" to be occurring in his life.

Observing him as he related this information, I saw his condition did not improve  . . . thus it was obvious he did not have the right answers in what he was telling me.

I don't like friends giving themselves wrong indications and wrong answers  . . .  such activity leads to huge life disasters.

I looked him in the eye and warned him: "Be careful you are not giving yourself some wrong answers/wrong indications there, as they are not improving your condition, and thus not likely the truth."

I like my clients and friends to be tech savvy, hence I spend time educating them.  X is well trained, and the kind of guy I like to make sure they know more about their case than I do  . . . such that I do not presume to insist I outright know what process is best for them.

So I said to X, "We have two ways to go on this.  We can attack this by entering it either from the negative; the what is wrong, the involuntary replicated errors . . . or we can address it from the perspective of what is the prior power and positive setup that got knocked out that needs to be restored."

And to this end, I showed him the process commands of the alternative R/Ds we could use.  "I recommend we seek to establish what the prior positive setup was that got upset and restore it by cleaning it up," I said.  This brought his indicators in, so we set to to use the "Upset Setup Handling List" to establish what the prior positive prosperous operating basis and setup was before the upset and cave in, and to then assess the area of that positive to find what knocked it out.

This is the thinking that is unique to Knowledgism.  We rekindle the positive and power and then, from that known positive position, process from the top down to clean up what went wrong.

Step 3 is the locate and rehab of the positive setup, and Step 4 is the assessing the prepared list to find what and why the positive setup got crashed.

One of the things that other technologies do not understand and apply is the truth that what is ostensibly one's positive power(s) can be and often are used negatively, detrimentally or have a negative effect.  A simple example: perception . . . sometimes we perceive things that then cause or lead to upset (for a myriad reasons we'll not get into at the moment).

Thus after I had gotten X's biggest, most important, most powerful and ascended state of Being and operation re-established for him, I then assessed it to find out what went out to kill it.

It was a time in college when he was totally "in the Zone" playing football, aware of everything that was about to happen: blocking punts, making interceptions, knocking down two offensive linemen-blockers with one tackle to enable his kick-returner to score a touchdown . . .all miraculous stuff for a center forward defensive lineman!  And all in one game

The assessment starts off checking for screwed up positives first, and three pages later ends with the negative CONDITION items that might have to be addressed.  That is at the beginning of the assessment we have powers/abilities: perception, intentions and such; and at the end we have conditions such as:  Mass, moods, blackness, confusion etc.

A third the way down the positives list on the first page is where we got the first read.  A BIG read as I was asking the question, but before I completed it . . . "Too Much . . . " this blew he needle off the dial.  I did not get to articulate the full item of "Too much force."

"Too much?" I said again, "What's this too much of?"

Here X related all his perceptions of that moment, a lot of which was good and positive and an equal amount of negatives, not rights and bullshit put on him by coaches, etc. 

As a processor, I was observing that he was getting off his charge and confusions related to the situations . . . but he was till focused on what was "wrong" or went wrong, and not on the restoration of the positive.

One of the things articulated by him was the thinking he says comes up often at times like when he was ascended as in that game.  The thought is:  "This is too weird!"

Now, for me, it is almost unforgivable that a trained processor did not recognize that as a monster negative precept, thought and belief that would be having an enormous negative affect on the powers and abilities "that are too weird!"

But X is forgiven as long as he does not miss such on his clients!  Missing it on himself is understandable as it was monstrously charged!

When he voiced that precept ""This is too weird!"  the meter exploded with a Reverse Rocket-Read!  And this is important information.

The Reverse Rocket Read is omitted tech in Scientology.  I discussed this point in my Free Zone 2009 Conference presentation in Pasadena.

Reverse RR's signal a monstrous countering and reversal of SELF and own powers, perception and polarity.  In actuality, it signals a total KO of self.

In the session, X simply had not observed the impact or effect of the precept . . . he was far too interested in and concerned with what it produced without seeing or knowing what had actually produced all of the negative conditions and inabilities and disempowered states of being that resulted!

Thus, after he wound down on all of his relaying to me of "what happened," I gently got him back into it.

"So," said I, "It looks to me, from what you have given me here, that at that time you lost all your awarenesses, abilities and powers." 

"Yes," he was in agreement.

"This "It's too weird" thing, is this a precept, belief, thought you created or implemented at that time?

He is congniting now: "Yes!"

"Cool.  It did Reverse RR when you gave it to me . . . and you know what that means."  (He does as he'd been hatted on it.)  "OK, let's do the Thoughts are Things Handling on it and undo it and its affect on you and your powers and abilities."

A new man walked out on my office (after we shared a good chat over a fine bottle of zinfandel).

Now, the key to this kind of wonderful gain is that we restored the positive setup and then processed it and from the position and knowledge of it . . . we did not rattle around with a limited address of only what was negative . . . i.e., what was wrong.  And further, we actually addressed and handled the misuse of his own powers against himself, his powers, ability and state of Being.

And this address to spiritual restoration thinking is unique to knowledgism.

PS: because of the technical skills needed to handle this "Upset Setup Handling," the actual process will not be available in this Guest Section of our forum.



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