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It was once said by a guy we used to believe in that "any processing is better than no processing."

That ain't necessarily so!

Many here have been badly affected by wrong processes even when delivered with the best will in the world and delivered perfectly by the practitioner.

Indeed, for you guys who had a big ascension (big win, blow out) anywhere in your early days in Scientology (or any other practice attempting to free you from "aberration") in actuality have suffered wrong processes being applied following that attained ascension.  And, unfortunately, that is their "Standard Technology."

You see, once you have had that first big ascension and come out of and risen above your prior "humanoid" condition that was marked by human limitations, spiritual unawareness, unpleasant sensations, moods, pains, upset scenarios, bad relationships and all of the other travail of everyday ordinary people's lives; you became a different Being.

Ascended Beings a) process differently and, b) have to be run with a different processing target than non-ascended Beings.

The trap that blighted Scientology and led so many to conclude, falsely, that the whole idea of spiritual enlightenment, or that one can improve one's spiritual existence, is bullshit is due to the following.

The errors of Scientology practices (and many other enlightenment endeavors) are several.

1.  Scientology is fixated on attacking and eradicating the negative: in early 1963 it abandoned pursuit of empowering your powers and own goals.  Tragically, there ever after, Scientology technology has principally sought to find what is wrong to handle and abandoned what is right and worthwhile to make more of and empower. 

It's rather like the model of mainstream allopathic medicine: they have failed to pursue HEALTH and to establish how best to bring about an optimum in nutrition and healthful life for their patients: they are fixated only on continued treatment of symptoms.  And of course, there is a lot of money to be made in having people dependent on you "to fix them."  If you make people sovereign, fully informed and able to look after themselves . . . woops: no money in that!!

I am caused to write this because I have recently been processing a wonderful fellow who had been painfully trapped in and by the old Scientology thinking of having to find "what was wrong" in order to fix it.  He'd spent many, many thousands of dollars in the Free Zone trying to find what ailed him.  He even did L11 . . . all to no avail.

Yet, the basis of the upset case scenario he had was not a wrongness nor a "negative" but A MISSED RIGHTNESS and A MISSED POSITIVE.  You see, back in doing Grade 0 he had a huge enlightening ascension, becoming hugely aware of his spiritual existence and presence, and aware of his powers as a spiritual Being . . . and this was missed (and even invalidated) by the practitioners in Scientology and they continued on to process him in the direction of finding what was wrong to fix!

It of course crashed the case.

2.  Failing to recognize ascended Beings for what they are when they become ascended leads all other spiritual enlightenment practices to run incorrect processes on the client and to process towards an incorrect target.

Once a Being ascends, they are a different Being to what they were prior to the ascension. Ascended Beings process differently to folks that are oblivious to their true spiritual presence and Being.  Ascended Beings need to be processed from their position of spiritual truths and powers, and processed towards the attainment of their positive spiritual Dreams, Aspirations, own goals and purposes. 

It is a very different proposition to be processed from the perspective and position of knowing what your positives are, such as your truths, powers, goals, purposes, dreams and aspirations; and to be working towards the cleaning them up and empowering them.

At this level of processing you are processing from a position of power and truth and knowledge and addressing these powers to expand them to their fullest. It is from and as this empowered position that one can most easily see what occurred to alter or degrade your truths, powers, abilities and such.  And it is a simple proposition to remove the alterations.

This is a clip from an email from one of our Codees I received this morning:

"Running all this stuff from the top down shows me EXACTLY how I did what I did and the Why without excuses !!"

Thus the simple truth to know and observe is that, to treat an ascended Being as anything other than the ascended Being that he/she is, is to cave the Being back into an invented and false case.

I am posting this now because it is urgent information for some of you.  I will later dig up some references and bulletins of Alan's to attach.


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Good stuff, Roger. (M&

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As I recheck what we have here I realize it is appropriate that I link this video by Alan on this thread.

The title is:  Ascension Experience Phenomena

This is the non-Coded version for public consumption.  You'll see a little section has been deleted.

But this is a very important lecture giving you the details of errors in handling folks who have had big win ascension experiences . . .

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Excellent. Where would you suggest one get started from this approach?

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Thanks for your question.
This would be better handled via private message or email.
A place to start is by reviewing the information in "Registered member" section.
Or, you can use the search function to pull up posts connected to the subject or area you are interested in.
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Yes, Carmel is right, Johnny.

It is a big and important question you have asked. . . . the best move, given your background would be for you and me to have a chat over Zoom.  That way we can ascertain "where you are at" in terms of all past activity along with what your attention might be on to handle.

You have my direct email . . . if you have Zoom (we prefer it to Skype) we should get on each others' Zoom contact list.

I coach folks who actually attain their ideals


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