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Most every person one knows wants to improve their condition in life: accomplish wanted things more easily and/or to not be bothered by or upset by the usual travails too common in today's life.

This is certainly the case for the members of this forum . . . we are dedicated to doing something to improve our successes in life and also to free ourselves from unwanted conditions, upsets and travail.

But we have gone some steps further . . . many here are reaching into the realms of higher spiritual awareness, abilities and capacities that afford realizations of success in activities way beyond the norm of human endeavors.  You will be able to read of and participate in activities that are too often erroneously considered to be "supra-human," too esoteric or beyond easy belief by most in modern western society.

And we are achieving this with the use of essential knowledge gleaned in the last sixty years of studying effectively every workable system or principle available in our modern society as a result of having the modern capacity to communicate and also move between cultures with ease.

This is the Knowledge era . . . hence the coining of the word Knowledgism® 

Here you can learn the practices that will enable you to realize the truths of your spiritual powers, abilities and capacities that are too often mistakenly referred to as rather too "woo-woo" for "sensible" or polite company.

Past lives? Yes. 
Spiritual connections, spirit guides or demons?  Yes, you can learn to handle them here.
Direct spiritual perception of other times and spaces? Yes.
Remote influencing?  Yes.
Predicting future events?  Yes.
Spiritually handling physical issues?  Yes.

You'll find answers to these and many other spiritual matters in our forum.

What you'll also find here is a collection of "escapees" from other spiritual enlightenment practices that have found what we have available to be so much more workable and effective than their former practices.


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