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A spiritual truth has very definite characteristics. The most vital factor of a spiritual truth is that truth is perceivable but does not contain particles, energy, and is not fixed or located in time or space.

When a Being realizes a truth, several phenomena occur due to the undoing of false ideas, solutions, or false precepts. Falseness or alterations of truth are what lower and minimize the abilities, perceptions, causes, powers, and intentions of a Being. Lies are what tie up life-force particles; truth causes the release of life-force particles. All life-force particle recovery training and consulting is designed to help the Spiritual Being unlock the lies that have encased it and removed its power, freeing it to operate at optimum potential.

All exercises and processes follow an exact sequence or procedure which is designed to locate and push to view that which is being denied or falsified and allow you to inspect and put the truth back. Any area, problem, or situation that the Being has difficulty handling always contains falseness. The bigger the problem, the more chaotic the area, the more unsolvable the situation, the more falseness. These exercises and procedures are designed to do this by getting the client or student to let go of the lies and recover the truth.

For a Spiritual Being to have an area which has become more powerful than itself, it must have many false or altered precepts, considerations, ideas, solutions, or intentions that keep the problem areas persisting and prevent the Being from having full control of what it takes to handle the areas.

The Being's life-force particles are tied up in these falsenesses. It has invested huge quantities of life-force particles and then disowned the creation.

The Being has assigned its power away and then forgotten that it created the situation. This, of course, follows it through time and space, constantly accessing it.

By getting the Being to inspect and "make more of" the area, the Being begins to realize that the situation is of its own causing and suddenly it has realizations on what it did that created the problem or situation.

From Alan C Walter's Who Or What Is Man?, Who Or What Are You?

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"The truth is what the truth is, not what you want it to be. . . . The problem with truth is it nearly always conflicts with a belief."
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