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We do have fun even while being very dedicated to what we are doing here.

This video was put up on a Facebook group some of us frequent and, what began as fun became a very serious discussion.

To be noted is the fact that many of our advance people here do routinely deal with the futures.

Here is the dialogue on Facebook.  To be noted is the point that David's response is different to mine.  I stuck to issue of "changing the past."  For David, his replies dealt with "if he had processed JFK in real time, before his presidency, things could/would have been different."  That point is a no-brainer . . . of course they could/would have been different.  I not only stuck to the point of "changing the past" from our present position here, but also addressed the mechanics changing futures.


Paul Adams
Is this kind of thing possible, namely communicating with someone "in the past"? I don't mean communicating with that same historical being as he is now in present time, but kinda back in the timestream, whatever that means.
The French accent is sometimes hard to understand, so there are subtitles you can toggle on and off.

Napoleon Gets an L1C
Make sure the captions (subtitles) are on.
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Roger Boswarva
Good idea, Paul. Maybe, if we get this right we can change history?? smile emoticon

Paul Adams
Dunno Rog, it's, er, complicated. In a simple view of the world with a unique definitive timeline, then no, it would be impossible. Can it be tweaked a bit, though, as long as nothing significant overall gets changed? I'm not thinking of big time-travel changes like in the movies of going back and killing Hitler's parents before they married or something.

It might be worth an experiment, though, by person(s) experienced in this sort of thing . . . .

Roger Boswarva  I shoulda put a half dozen smilies on my joke . . . smile emoticon smile emoticon


Paul Adams Maybe I read more science fiction than you do, Rog, and am more open to possible realities. Such a thing as I mentioned isn't necessarily impossible. For example, back in 2003 I spend hours reading Robert D's posts and explanations about the telepathic metering he does on R3X and I could just not get my head around it -- there was a mental block there which prevented anything he was saying going in. Then after I had done a bunch of studying on related issues I suddenly grokked how it could be possible, at which point his explanations made perfect sense. So I paid for some and found it worked as he said. But today, many people of the Scio persuasion think the whole idea of remote metering is preposterous.

Time on Earth is linear. Once you get into the spiritual realms it isn't (so I read). Who knows what is possible to access, without getting delusional about it all?
David St Lawrence Your video is fantastic!
I did not realize it was yours until the very end and I saw DigiPaul.
Very well done sir
You may be asking in jest, but I can assure you we handle upset entities every day who are stuck in an event that took place long ago. We are auditing them in the present, but their attention is stuck in the past, and our processing releases their attention from this past event and they come to present time in a flash and are ready to get on with their lives after a little orientation.

I have not encountered Napoleon or any of Napoleon's entities, but I have encountered entities who have played significant parts in recorded history.

Paul Adams Thanks, David. No, I'm not joking, I'm perfectly serious with my original question. I made the animation with Napoleon because the character and set and French accent was available in the software I was using, and also because it's more colourful than using some nameless serf somewhere.

But the question in general form is, is it possible to communicate now in present time with an individual in the past. More exactly, not simply that in our present time they are stuck in some past incident and that is their "present" to them which has been carried forward for years or centuries, but more like "opening a wormhole" from our present to the past. In common-or-garden (!) remote auditing the auditor is "sharing the space" with the pc, or opening a wormhole across space, so to speak. Can it be done with time too? I know it's impossible in mainstream science, but so is remote auditing, isn't it?

If anyone wants to see more of my Scn-type animations most of them are at

Julian Anton Bray
I like where you are going with this topic Paul.

Unfortunately, I have no information to contribution other than my opinions.

I have hear that certain people were contacted by beings from " a " future who, received information which lead to great technology leaps. It's like seeing the future with those beings in the future exchanging ideas with you in the present.

But is the same true in reverse, seeing into the past or communicating with someone from the past?

It's a bit like assuming that because a car can move forward, it has the potential to move backwards too.
David St Lawrence Paul, I think that what you propose is perfectly valid and may be happening or have happened already.

The reason we would not see the results of such event is that such an event would create an alternate timeline stemming from that point.

Someone contacting John F Kennedy in his earlier years and relieving him of the fixed data and other service facsimiles which directed the course of his life might have prevented the Bay of Pigs incident and his unfortunate end in Dallas. In that time line JFK may have lived to a ripe old age.
Roger Boswarva
Actually, you are correct, Paul.  I was semi-joking about a subject that is rather very large with huge ramifications . . .
I have written, as some here know from having read it, that, "all things are possible in the spiritual realm." 
One thing is certain, and that is one can change the future as is yet to happen.  I and others I know have done that quite frequently.  In this case of changing the future from now out of present time, there are simple mechanics involved that can be known and practiced . . . it is a matter of perceiving the future events and choosing to either not participate or to intervene to cause events to occur differently.  For wanted futures, it is simply a matter of allowing all motion to coalesce in the desired outcome.

Also, what is certain is the fact that we can, in and from the present change the outcomes or consequences that, without our intervention, would be or are destined to occur as a result of past events that we can address with spiritual technology to remove the negative spiritual charge, upsets and wrong answer solutions put in place in past incidents/events that determined futures from that past time.  Thus, by removing the charge and old, past wrong answer solutions from the spiritual presences carrying such forward, one would alter their behavior and their and our future from the present moment here in which we affected those changes.
I earlier wrote:  "Maybe, if we get this right we can change history??" 
This paragraph you wrote is key and addresses my question . . .
Paul wrote:  "But the question in general form is, is it possible to communicate now in present time with an individual in the past. More exactly, not simply that in our present time they are stuck in some past incident and that is their "present" to them which has been carried forward for years or centuries, but more like "opening a wormhole" from our present to the past. In common-or-garden (!) remote auditing the auditor is "sharing the space" with the pc, or opening a wormhole across space, so to speak. Can it be done with time too? I know it's impossible in mainstream science, but so is remote auditing, isn't it?"
On the surface of things, it would appear that one cannot go back and change or rewrite history as has already occurred and been written, but yet in one respect one can.
Spirita (theta) is timeless.  It's the physical universe that is notionally fixed in its condition relative to time and space and relative motion: not spirit.  We are capable of being awaredly present in and operating in any position in time or space.  Thus, when we go to the events of the putative "past" and deal with physical universe events as they were in a different arrangement, we have changed the past to the extent at least of changing our relationship with it and its affects on us (as for example erasing upsets and wrong answer solutions created in that past event).
The fact is, we processors routinely do this with clients and for ourselves in solo sessions.
But the big question becomes, to what extent is it possible to retroactively change ALL of the consequences and outcomes that derived along the developed (not the still developing as that will change, but the already developed and extant) time stream following that earlier event we addressed? 
I'll have to chew on this one further.
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I coach folks who actually attain their ideals

Reply #1
Looking at this subject again (of changing past outcomes) since the original post, I have these observations from personal experience for the reader (FYIW).

1. Past outcomes were created by someone or more likely, by an almost infinite number of someones.  While it may be perfectly within the realm of possibility to 'uncreate' one's own part in the spiritual creation, planning and implementation that preceded and resulted in any given outcome, it appears unlikely that I could personally get all the contributors to an outcome to 'uncreate' their parts in any past manifested result (within any finite time).  More likely (to my mind) would be the uncreation of the PU as we know it.  At present, I have to believe the PU serves a purpose and we had better keep it around for awhile.  This not to say that it isn't in need of major optimization.

2. My own perception is that events/outcomes very often have their genesis buried in layers upon layers of spiritual creations and alterations.  The original sources may well be outside of linear time and space.

3. More than once I have spotted negative or unwanted but self-created futures.  Processing brings those creations to view and has enabled me to 'uncreate' the worst of them before they manifest and become actualities.  As a technical note, uncreation is the simple action of CEASING TO CREATE suggesting that all creations are here and now without regards to the putative past, present or future.

4. A spiritual being does not seem to be constrained by time or space except by his own willingness to be present, perceive and experience. KN processes are designed to increase the client's presence, perception and willingness to experience in the direction of encompassing all universes, times and spaces within self.  The ultimate result would be no separation between past, present and future and the ability to experience it all.
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Reply #2
Quite right, Paul . . .
Alan spoke of "Presence Time," also "Presence Space."
What this means is the amount or scope of time or space you can span, encompass and occupy with your PRESENCE--or better put: occupy AS A PRESENCE.
There is a lot of info we have on the mechanics of time (and of space) that I'll not get into here, but basically, when you are able to totally permeate and occupy a span of time (or space) you are able to determine or at least influence what occurs therein.
Experientially, I do know that we are capable of totally permeating, occupying and being aware of and throughout vast expanses of past, present and future.  I have seen this in many of our clients and have done this myself.
The only issue is: how much and how thoroughly.
And what determines that is, removal of the charge, force and mass therein and the recovery of our willingness to experience and restore our basic spiritual attributes, virtues and powers.
And factually, as you know, we do have the run-downs that enable us to do that.

I coach folks who actually attain their ideals

Reply #3
If JFK would have survived we may not have "Dollar Diplomacy" as Federal Reserve would not have existed.
Other ideas, which were running in my mind, "If we go back and process Mr. Jesus and helped him to avoid his Crucifixion", I think Christianity would not be able to spread his wings as much.
Christ would not have liked it.
If we alter, Hitler, whole East would be in slavery and in control of west.
As, most of the countries got freedom after WWII, as all the Colonists countries were bankrupt and were focusing on putting their countries together they had to leave or give up on their colonies. 1945,1946,1947 and around this time most of the colonies got freedom, and most them are still not out of the aftermath of slavery.
Now, I hear, that masses meat bodies one,s visions does effect the time line as it goes.
Maybe, if JFK in his future life becomes scientologists and / or knowledgeists and go back and speak to himself and play "butterfly Effect" he may not get this much Glory and attention.

I see the Karmic cause and effect entities are very black and white and straight.

We maybe all here on a mission to let this Playground stays intact.

Cause and effect..........

Reply #4
Indeed, fun and interesting.   I like Paul's reply.

Last weekend at a workshop on developing Medical Intuition, the instructor (a female intuitive healer and 'psychic') went over several cases she had worked in the past 36 years or so.     The following story may indicate to this topic:

She was working with a man who had "bad luck" amongst other things.   In the course of helping him with his ailments, she came upon an emotion of "bad luck" which was underlying a somatic of his.   When she got the story behind his somatic complaint, they discovered he had had some unresolved/indolent issue in which pinned he had managed to get "back luck" appended to his self/Self.

She continued with her "healing" modality with him to dispel the issue(s).  

When he followed up with her, he reported to her that not only had his luck changed (he had won something significant completely unexpectedly), but his three sons also had significant changes in their own fortune almost immediately. 

To Kn'ists, we understand clearing things up in one's own universe, but to have it spread to the genetic family line is not often talked about. 

Quantum science folks talk about entanglement theory.  Perhaps in disentangling the energetic/life force abnormality of an event in one's immediate life, it also disentangles it's replicated connections in others' who are related to the host and with whom the replicated effect is present through some relationship. 

More at a later time...


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