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Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Re: OMNI-RESPONSIBILITY VERSUS BLAME
Last post by MyCanvas -
Wonderful stuff, Roger.  Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Re: OMNI-RESPONSIBILITY VERSUS BLAME
Last post by Sultan -
Very inspirational. Just two days ago I was processing myself, and I found that some time very early I have decided to seek external solutions to my internal problems. Then I have realized that there are no problems outside of me. It's an illusion of projecting something that is inside to outside. The thing that I perceive as a problem is always inside of me. I am the origin of everything that happens to me.
We take something that is bothering us and put it outside in some form and decide to call it a "problem". It gets even more hilarious when we also find someone that, as we decide, is "causing"  this so called "problem"!
The real solution to everything is to change and fix myself.

Listed among our basic Knowledgism processes is that wonderful old R/D for restoring to you , the client, your basic powers, abilities, awarenesses, knowledge and all such things that you want to exercise or deal with is: RESPONSIBILITY.

The commands/questions are pretty simple and basic.

You can use: "Connected to (area of life, existence, ability, power, subject or item) . . ."  Or alternatively use: "What part of (area of life, existence, ability, power, subject or item) . . ."

Then, added to the above is: ". . . are you willing to be responsible for" and ". . . would you rather not be responsible for?"

The above is the workhorse for handling one's relationship for regular folks.  It restores willingness and ability to cause!

On a very advanced case where you would be upgrading responsibility and power on an omni-awareness, omni-presence, co-empowerment level, you could use the command that would directly process the omni-aware, omni-powerful Being.  It would go something like this: "As an omni-aware Presence (or Being or such) connected to (item) what omni-responsibility are you willing to exercise or implement?" / ". . . rather not exercise or implement?" 

For folks not familiar with the term "OMNI" here is the simple definition and usage:

    combining form
    1. all; of all things.  "omniscient"
    2. in all ways or places.  "omnicompetent"

But most folks are nowhere near processing at an omni-responsibility level.  They are operating as isolated Beings having troubles with all about them and BLAMING all about them for their troubles.

Hubbard did this.  You folks who are aware of the upper "OT Levels" know that Hubbard was into blaming all those nasty "body thetans" (BTs) for his condition.  And information we have from those closest to him in his final years tells us that even then, he was still blaming his BTs for his condition.

In actuality, any practice that tells you that your unwanted conditions or behaviors can be blamed elsewhere than with you and your own powers of choice, cause and sovereignty, is selling you a booby-trap.

YOU are ultimately responsible for your condition of existence and behavior. 

To place responsibility for such elsewhere; such as with "BTs" or "Entities" or parents or other influencers is to be, in actuality, sabotaging you and your true powers, abilities and responsibility. Don't buy it, it's a trap.  It dishonors and undoes your truth, powers and ability.

You will see this truth exemplified in Knowledgism's wonderful CAUSATIVE PROCESSING.

These are the first words in this R/D.


LAW: WHAT THE CLIENT IS REACTING TO (complaining or moaning about, or being critical of, the victim or effect of), IS WHAT THE CLIENT IS SECRETLY, COMPULSIVELY DOING HIMSELF.

That may be a hard pill to swallow for some folks . . . but as clients progress they really do come to see how their true and actual OMNI-RESPONSIBILITY declined down the scale of existence through responsibility for self alone and then on down to BLAME of another/others and then on further down to no-responsibility for anything or any part of the game.

I am currently guiding two of our Codees though our stupendous "Free Radical Identity Handling Procedure."  And it has been fascinating for us to see how the conditions of existences, along with the Games these identities created and operated on, on a completely unknowing irresponsible, blame all and everyone else basis, were actually the result of our own cause!  We ourselves decided things that brought about conditions of existence and operation that got us into the unknowing and irresponsible state these Free Radical Identities occasioned.

The second half of the R/D addresses "Parity With The Gods" . . . the first half cleans up the mess and unknowing irresponsibility that is the lot of the Free Radical Identity, and the second half unlocks how you set up the mess!

Sweet justice, is all I have to say about it!

In Knowledgism we have all the technology needed to gradiently restore your powers of cause in the game, along your omni-responsibility for all parts and players.  Don't settle for anything less.

And especially, don't indulge any practices that teach that you can/should place the blame or responsibility for you condition or behavior elsewhere than as under your volition and knowing control.  To do so is to undermine the truth of you and your true powers and abilities . . . for that is the route of self sabotage that brought us to this human, messed up condition.

It might "feel good," it might even be considered a "discovery" that there is someone/something to blame for your condition that heretofore you were not aware of, but these too are part of the booby-traps.  "Feel-goodism" can be an avoidance of what truly needs be addressed and handled, and "new discoveries" too often can be incomplete and thus dangerous cul-de-sacs.


Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Re: YOU BEING FULLY YOU
Last post by Rado -
OMG, i am quite blown away !!!!!  after handling the day before yesterday a tremendes shock that threw me in straight into a long period of unconciousness and generally caused me to size down to a different universe and being compleatly blank about who i was prior to that i started to check for involutary replications in that area as an result of that incident. I found out that i had upset a bunch of beings and they figured out how to inpinch on me after installing a few agreements prior to surprising me with thier shock. when i looked on the consequences a whole new dimension of powers opened up to me and it got preaty wild as i would have not expected to realese that kind of energy at once. I mean i have not felt such a vibe since i switched from that universe where those powers were avalible to me and it felt diferent without a body back there, seemed to be more harmonious. i must say that there was a moment of fear and wondering on how much power will yet come back to present and if i might not be in full control of it. uuups hahaha wild stuff !!! OK, please let me know if there is anything i need to watch out for and consider in my next session in order to persue a save path.  #^G love
Good points, Roger.

I for one am glad that Alan didn't use the term "postulate" in his texts. The S.P.I.E.P.I.R. Ability Paradigm makes the whole cycle graspable.

Also good advices regarding the ZONE position in which the client is. Also with respect to the session.
When I process others I use the Vital Fundamental Process #1 before I move over to the process I am about to run.
But I flunk in Solo doing the same from time to time. (M&

Paul, I understand what you are saying. I also liked your explanation with Russians and Communists. In fact, I had to lough as it is a good description of the working paradigm of my father :-D (He's an epitome of prejudice...)

Kind regards,
Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Re: YOU BEING FULLY YOU
Last post by Christian -
Good news and a great Win, my Friend!

Can't wait to listen to your creation. Celebrate it! I know it's huge!

Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Re: YOU BEING FULLY YOU
Last post by Rado -
I Just finished a new song and got the green light on releasing it on a global scale  (K& i hope it will rise the mood of our societies gently and ease some tensions going on among our sisters and brothers  _`\|/´_ a lot of my inspiration came from what i do here and now with the tech, as well as the ability to let it happen with inner allighnment and no involuntary replications on the whole cycle. As Alan promissed miracles are occuring  #^G
Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Re: YOU BEING FULLY YOU
Last post by Christian -
This is very kind of you, my Brother.
We've been through some stuff together (K& 
I'm glad we walked this spiritual path together and I'm not sure, I would have been able to come so far without you -- or at least, it wouldn't be so fun.

Now it's not the time to stop. So I am really, really very glad you are working with the processes and that you are here and about the Wins you've had from the tech.

You've had good wins and now that you are here, you have the right forum to get answeres to the questions I was not yet able to help you with.

My intention is to master this tech one day and so we can mutually help each other in the future and the worlds around us.

Look how far we've come from where we started 20 yrs ago?

Thank you and Love, always.

Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Re: YOU BEING FULLY YOU
Last post by Rado -
Thx Roger, i am really greatefull for what you do and a i am especially thankfull to my spiritual brother christian for not giving up on me and allways believing in me even if i totally screw it on ocasions and get my self in a whole lot of trubles. I intend to play a super being scale game and i couldnt feel in better hands as to advise and spiritual support than right here and right now. thanks to all of you who are keeping the work going and do not give up on wild guys like me !!!! love Pradox 
Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Re: YOU BEING FULLY YOU
Last post by Roger Boswarva -
Pradox . . . you make me a happy man, Mate.

It is because of the gains we can produce with this knowledge that I do what I do.


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