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Yes, important post, Paul.

Indeed, your chart you created, Essential Life Factors & Skills for Success,  is aptly named and a winner.

Also very good advice you give in regards the wisdom of making sure folks have lifted off the negative charge, precepts, beliefs and such from each of these powers, abilities and capacities as, underlying these "words," that are merely the physical universe sound or written symbols representing the true spiritual concept, action or thing, you have the powers, abilities and capacities you apply or direct whenever you are engaged in pursuit of your wants.

Alan has referred to these as the "power words" . . . he is right on that.

Take a look at these key words/concepts and conceive of how much they are or have been screwed up for folks!

You would be wise to be sure they are not screwed up or otherwise impeded for you.


Revisiting this December 2015 post by Roger.  I am clean slating the column headers (Essential factors of Life + Essential Skills) of those Analysis Charts.  Roger's write up attached to THE SUCCESS PROFILES PERFORMANCE MATRIXsm  has helped my comprehesion tremendously.

I am always looking for ways to condense and align data for my own reference and today created a 'chart' based upon Roger's excellent write up.  It is attached here as Essential Life Factors-Skills. but do revisit Roger's presentation.
Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Re: rehab all wins
Last post by Paul Fairchild -
Thank you Roger  _`|/´_ It is something i just realize right now over again by running some responsibility on it. I did not perceive and there by wasn't able to honor my part in the creation of all this mess called case. I start to get a grip on those things and things really seem to turn around for me. You probably can but as a saying i would like to mention " you can't imagine what important role you guys are playing in my process of taking the ownership for all my shit" thank you again and thank you for your empowerment. It really makes my eternal day (M& _`|/´_ much love Rado

As a follow-up to this post . . .  I would like to state from first-hand knowledge that the insights and life changes expressed came about with the application of the most basic processes of our technology without delivered professional processing or coaching.  These gains are attainable by anyone willing to honestly apply the basic processes that can be found on this forum.  Honest application is as simple as giving yourself the process question or direction and answering it to the best of your ability.    Paradox's post is a wonderful testament to the effectiveness of our processes.

Full comprehension of the subject of honor and it's related concepts of honesty and it's negative implementation (dishonesty) routinely enable people to make huge advances in their quality of life and living.  I suggest all to avail themselves of the THOUGHTS ARE THINGS process on the subject of honesty and all it's synonyms and related terms or words.
Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Ascension restoration
Last post by Rado -
Hallo my dear friends !!!!! i want to start with the fact that you all should be infinitely acknowledged as well as acknowledging your self for being here right now and part of this team. I came to realize how much intention and precision it took to make it to the point where i am at right here with you playing the game we are playing. I urge you to realize and honor that for your self as it fills the eternity of my futures with a confidence that is hardly possible to put down in words and i wish so deeply for everyone to experience the same magnificence that is to come with the progress we are all making. 

I could not have been more right in strongly reconnecting with my godly brother, PT ID Paul, who so gently and with all embracing love opened the door to my reunion with my higher self. The skill set and smoothness with which Paul is proceeding to help me regain my ascension states is of miraculous proportion and sets me fully up to do the same for others. Thank you Brother!!!!! 
I will not go into all details of the gains i am making as it would take quite a long lecture to cover it all and Alan did the job already of putting it into context. In short, i am about to regain full ownership of my own universe and i couldn't imagine any game i would rather play than being here with all of you doing what we are doing while we are doing it. It is a real blessing and a infinity of good news i discovered  _`\|/´_  God bless my friends , wish you all an exciting journey back home. Infinite love. Rado

To contribute something in this field I would like to tell you that in the field of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and micronutrients there is a lot of important information. A field that began with Linus pauling (Nobel Prize, Biochemistry and Peace) with its beautiful and spectacular studies on vitamin C, through Dr Beck, Dr. Hulda Clark, and many other vegans or not, to reach that great I personally recommend the daily intake of nutritional supplements to megadoses as does the orthomolecular medicine, the diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Fiber, vegetables, fruit and protein, water distilled with electrolytes (Read the book of choice is clear for example gave me a lot of clarity about water) and from time to time make a detox cycle taking only extracts of fruits and vegetables using Extractors of low speed that preserve ALL the nutrients of fruits and vegetables.This handling is spectacular.

Another kind of natural products for the health management include the use of silver ioniz To cleanse the lymphatic system and eliminate microorganisms that cause disease. There is much to do and study in this field. Attach some links if you are interested in learning more about these topics.

etc, etc

Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Re: Winning on CS
Last post by Dan -
Nice win Rado!!

Dan  #^G
Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Winning on CLEANSLATE
Last post by Rado -
Hi everyone, want to share a nice win. I started yesterday with a CLEANSLATE action as a starting point of a R/D. My comprehension of the term Team was quite fine i thought at least, not realising what goes along with it in the background. While clean slating  " A Team " and taking up the precepts that where in bedded in the conceptual understanding what a team is supposed to be doing and thinking etc. i found a major major major sabotage i was running my team on. I was wondering prior to that point why the hell, after connecting up with my spiritual Team, i would always lose the comm after a while and had such a hard time to reestablish it again in a harmonious aligned manner. They simply wouldn't want to really stick around and be fully present, as i processed them downwards and made the goals more important than the beings involved in achieving them. Just by handling this seemingly little precept i started to see how many of my team mates i did leave behind or pushed away and how they started to reconnect now in PT. I also clean slated the term " A Gang " and after those two actions i understood how confused i have been in the area of taking care of good relations with my Team. It was somewhat of a collapsed area and putting a enemy label on one of my team mates made it so much more of an action i would routinely take. What a fantastic tech to unravel such an unsolvable problem with that little effort. Thank you Paul for putting me on that R/D and being so precise with your description as to the exact steps to take and what to be alert of. Saved may ass once again #^G much love everyone Rado
Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Re: rehab all wins
Last post by Rado -
Thank you Roger  _`\|/´_ It is something i just realize right now over again by running some responsibility on it. I did not perceive and there by wasn't able to honor my part in the creation of all this mess called case. I start to get a grip on those things and things really seem to turn around for me. You probably can but as a saying i would like to mention " you can't imagine what important role you guys are playing in my process of taking the ownership for all my shit" thank you again and thank you for your empowerment. It really makes my eternal day (M& _`\|/´_ much love Rado
Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Re: rehab all wins
Last post by Roger Boswarva -
Well, Rado . . . .

You have said it all, mate!

Yours above is a brilliantly articulated write-up of truths we all need to know and practice!  Brilliant!

And yes, wins must be honored . . . and also remember to HONOR YOURSELF.

Success, Prosperity and Happiness / rehab all wins
Last post by Rado -
Sucess story 

I ascended to a completely new state which enabled me to view from a whole new perspective, being outside from time and space. i regained the abilitie to move freely trough various domains of existence and dechoutche from any upset which gave me a tremendues feeling of freedom, control and being oriented troughout my whole track. my 3D perceptions turned on and caused me to see the beuty and simplicitie of my own universe providing me with the strenght and position of permiating anything and everything i perceved. The recovery of my entangled life force became a fun game to play and i found my self to be verry pasioned about doing so verry effortless. Sudenly i saw balls of masses and entanglement all arround my universe and could choose to adress them now or leave them deacessed to adress them in a, by myself considered, apropriate time. All of it verry sharp and clear in full 3D holographic vision. A complete aboundance of power and vitality was the result of my omni presence. The thinking process was not any longer compairible to what it once was still enslaved in my humanoid games matrix. by the means of that regained size and space i found thinking to be somewhat more of a permiating and knowing activity, in state,  a going trough a calculating atempt of comprehesion. Identities became a means to acomplish a desired outcome, with less than non ascociation as to who i, as a god like being,  really am. Communication with other Godlike powerfull beings started to take place and immideatly showed me what weaknesses needed to be taken care of and what beliefes needed to be upgradet in order to stay in control and ownership of my newly regained powers and abilities. I am back in the zone since a while and realized that an essential point that was missing in my prior aproach, was to really spot the reluctence of honnoring my regained states and abilities. It took me the wrong path of hunting the negatives only, without actualy making sure, that what i gained troughout my processing, gets well established in the present and fully aplied in my PU games. I think i have at least a week or two of celebrating of wins and life realignment processing in front of me, to ack all neglected wins. Woun't do this mistake again, a failure to honor those fantastic wins did a greate job in tieing up my life force in wrong whos, wheres, whens, whats and hows. Thank you all, and lets run the positives  _`\|/´_ Rado

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