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As I say in our HOW WE OBTAINED WHAT WE HAVE HERE link, the work undertaken to arrive here has gone on for more than sixty years.  And along the way its efficacy has been verified with scientific exactitude in the realm of real life performance and attainment.

Apart from my early life in research as a champion athlete, where effectiveness of any methodology can be verified and measured in terms of improved performance . . . faster times, higher jumps, lifting of heavier weights . . . there are other real life demonstrations of the efficacy of these principles, procedures and exercises.

I have had a career as a management consultant and personal performance coach.

This is my abbreviated biography as used for my book, How to Learn-How to Teach: Overcoming the Seven Barriers to Comprehension:


Two of the world's leading learning performance experts . . .

Roger E. Boswarva and Virginia Koenig have spent their lives educating and benefiting others. For Roger, it began as a young man more than five decades ago when, as a swim champ in Australia, he began coaching the lads in his local surf life saving club's competition team. Virginia began her coaching and educating career in corporate America.

Roger is the Chairman and Founding Partner of Ability Consultants, Inc. and Management Science Associates and a management scientist of forty years experience in corporate, executive, and champion athlete performance improvement. As a Fellow of the British Institute of Management, he conducted management training and led seminars and symposia on executive and corporate performance improvement for the BIM, and the Management Center Europe, Brussels. Now retired from academia and international consulting to major corporations, he has spent the last ten years codifying the results of fifty years of research into aspects of human performance including the ability to learn. He is a Certified Performance Technologist with the International Society for Performance Improvement.

Virginia has spent twenty years in corporate Human Resources, specializing in employee benefits and training. She holds the Certified Employee Benefits Specialist designation from the Wharton School of Business and the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, and is a Certified Performance Technologist with the International Society for Performance Improvement. In 1997, she joined Mr. Boswarva in establishing Ability Consultants, Inc. to specialize in ability and performance improvement for executives and organizational teams, and is currently the company president. She is the Founding President of the New York Environs Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement


An example of a simple measurement of improved performance using the techniques and principles enumerated here is the case with my client, International Life Insurance Company, for whom I conducted sales team training in 1968.

The test team we measured before and after my training improved their sales performance by 163.58% in the month after the training compared to the average for each month in the six months period preceding.

The scanned copy of the letter below from the Regional Manager of my client company rather says it all.

Here are some other examples of successful outcomes of this material . . .

Praise for  . . . .

How to Learn - How to Teach: Overcoming the Seven Barriers to Comprehension

Your book "How to Teach - How to Learn" is simply exceptional.
I have read it once through and found it extremely inspiring, especially the section on appreciation.  The book's superb concept, flowing literacy and illuminating examples have significant positive impact.  It is definitely an eye-opener for anyone fortunate enough to study it.  I will definitely read it several times more as you recommend.
Our educators and trainers desperately need this material to enlighten dull classrooms and make teaching fun and rewarding again.  Our children, their parents, students, graduates, employees and employers all need the vital data in your book to realize and fully reach their true potential.

    Malcolm Bugler
    YMCA Board Member, South East Branch, Rochester NY

I think the book is great for home schooling parents, but I see it as a great resource for professional development for teachers.  It is great.  The concepts and exercises are wonderful, thought-provoking and truly relevant.

    Kevin Hanks
    Principals Recruitment and HR Generalist, Edison Schools, Inc.
    A former Teacher, School Principal, Assistant Superintendent, and Director of Human Resources for Southern Westchester Board of Cooperative Education Services

WOW!  What a wonderful manual!  I'm what you describe in the book as the dyslexic type.  The book was quite validating for me.  I do simply have a different way of learning.  I'm sure I'll get tremendous amounts out of this manual.  The material is all there.  Thank you for taking the time to do it right  . . .  and the wonderful stories.

    Karla, home schooling country Mom

How to Learn - How to Teach is an eye-opener.  I had a big AHA! moment looking at the definition of success, and a physical reaction.  It's amazing how many words I have skimmed by thinking--yeah, yeah, yeah, I can figure that out.  Not a good strategy, I now see.

    Marlaina Gayle
    Columnist, The Province Newspaper & Contributor to CBC Newsworld/BCTV News Hour, Vancouver Former Press Secretary and Media Liaison for the Loyal Opposition, Government of British Columbia, Canada.

The materials in this book are an amazing revelation.
When I did my first exercise from How to Learn - How to Teach, I experienced the astounding effect of the Barriers to Comprehension.  It created a profound awareness in me of just how damaging these barriers can be.  How to Learn - How to Teach definitely contains the answers on how to learn; and also the key to personal productivity and success in life.

    Christopher Calta
    Manager College of Customer Service, JetBlue Airways University
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