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To practice is to exercise oneself in an activity for instruction or improvement or for the acquisition of discipline, proficiency, or dexterity.  It is a repetitive action done over and over again to bring about consistent, high quality results. Practice is a key element of achieving lasting success, prosperity and happiness.

We at the Knowledgism Practice Group (KNPG) practice the procedures, routines and exercises developed by Alan C. Walter in the subject of Knowledgism toward greater success, prosperity and happiness for ourselves and those we are connected with. Success may be defined as the achievement of intended results. Reading about or discussing the merits (or absence of) Knowledgism will not produce intended results. Practice is the key.

Listen to what Alan C. Walter has to say about practice in this 76-minute 1994 talk "THE SECRETS OF HOW TO BE A CHAMPION"

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"The truth is what the truth is, not what you want it to be. . . . The problem with truth is it nearly always conflicts with a belief."
ACW . . . 'Making It All The Way Out'

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Thanks, Paul.

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Paul wrote the above, and set up this forum along with Christian, while I was in Europe July-August.

What he wrote above is spot on and well stated.

Intellectualizing and discussion of opinions about anything does not get much DONE.  Action and the practice of the principles and techniques involved is what brings the change in conditions you are after.

I could write tomes on this . . . this from the perspective of having been a champion athlete and/or as a consultant to the international business elite.  Indeed, the joke in big business, after they got burned by so much "consulting with consultants" discussion routine, was that "they are all theory and no action!"

Thus, Paul's words are wise.

We are into applying the materials we are making available here . . . that is, engage in the PRACTICE of it.

I coach folks who actually attain their ideals


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