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Ascension restoration
Hallo my dear friends !!!!! i want to start with the fact that you all should be infinitely acknowledged as well as acknowledging your self for being here right now and part of this team. I came to realize how much intention and precision it took to make it to the point where i am at right here with you playing the game we are playing. I urge you to realize and honor that for your self as it fills the eternity of my futures with a confidence that is hardly possible to put down in words and i wish so deeply for everyone to experience the same magnificence that is to come with the progress we are all making. 

I could not have been more right in strongly reconnecting with my godly brother, PT ID Paul, who so gently and with all embracing love opened the door to my reunion with my higher self. The skill set and smoothness with which Paul is proceeding to help me regain my ascension states is of miraculous proportion and sets me fully up to do the same for others. Thank you Brother!!!!! 
I will not go into all details of the gains i am making as it would take quite a long lecture to cover it all and Alan did the job already of putting it into context. In short, i am about to regain full ownership of my own universe and i couldn't imagine any game i would rather play than being here with all of you doing what we are doing while we are doing it. It is a real blessing and a infinity of good news i discovered  _`\|/´_  God bless my friends , wish you all an exciting journey back home. Infinite love. Rado


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