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Hi everyone, want to share a nice win. I started yesterday with a CLEANSLATE action as a starting point of a R/D. My comprehension of the term Team was quite fine i thought at least, not realising what goes along with it in the background. While clean slating  " A Team " and taking up the precepts that where in bedded in the conceptual understanding what a team is supposed to be doing and thinking etc. i found a major major major sabotage i was running my team on. I was wondering prior to that point why the hell, after connecting up with my spiritual Team, i would always lose the comm after a while and had such a hard time to reestablish it again in a harmonious aligned manner. They simply wouldn't want to really stick around and be fully present, as i processed them downwards and made the goals more important than the beings involved in achieving them. Just by handling this seemingly little precept i started to see how many of my team mates i did leave behind or pushed away and how they started to reconnect now in PT. I also clean slated the term " A Gang " and after those two actions i understood how confused i have been in the area of taking care of good relations with my Team. It was somewhat of a collapsed area and putting a enemy label on one of my team mates made it so much more of an action i would routinely take. What a fantastic tech to unravel such an unsolvable problem with that little effort. Thank you Paul for putting me on that R/D and being so precise with your description as to the exact steps to take and what to be alert of. Saved may ass once again #^G much love everyone Rado
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Re: Winning on CS
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Nice win Rado!!

Dan  #^G


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