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VF 1 as alignment of my Spiritual Team
I woke up this morning and first thought i had was to get back to basics though still on an open action with my hidden who handling _`\|/´_ my mood seemed quite low and the general attitude felt pretty dense. I said to myself, its a good idea to start of with VF1 to make sure i keep processing the HW from the top floor. Rising my mood i realized that something is still holding my natural occupation of space back. I decided to run my Spiritual Team on the VF1 at the same time as thats where i located the pullback on my mood. My environment increasingly lighted up and my team communicated some long dropped cycles they where still trying to implement in PT while being quite opposed to the goals i am persuing right at this moment. I is amazing how easily they would change thier mind and decision  as to what the right thing to do would be for the best of all. I did not expect that it simply was the matter of me, neglecting the comm with my team, that caused a complete disalighnment  towards our future. I definitely will have to do some reposting and get some new functions on my Org Board. Thank you, and have a fantastic day everyone _`\|/´_ Rado
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Re: VF 1 as alignment of my ST
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Nice one, Rado.

This tech is so correct, it can be a little amazing how easy it is to get spectacular results and upgradings of our condition.

The thing to observe in Rado's post is is that he PUT IN THE POSITIVE! . . . . And that is the basic correct action.  Always process towards restoration of and enhancement of the POSITIVE.

It is too easy to get tricked into chasing after the negative . . . but, as you progress, you begin to see more and more that it was the deviating off from the pursuit of and empowering of our positives to "solve" the negatives that is behind our original decline.

It is a point to bear in mind . . . process the positive or otherwise always process towards it, and the negatives that impede it will blow to view for correct handling.

I coach folks who actually attain their ideals

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Re: VF 1 as alignment of my ST
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Processing the positive releases a tremendous amount of life-force particles in any area that one is taking up in session. 
Of course, my previous training had been in negative processing...oh the shame of it all!  _)L

But twice the gains or more in KN tech for sure, and I love hearing the wins with our STMs when applying the correct steps to put them on better roads with you!  

Great job my friend!

Dan  ;D


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