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I am pleased to announce the release of REUNION, a 30-minute original video depicting the story of two teenage friends who meet again in adulthood with one finding unexpected redemption in the other and the real meaning of friendship. A real friend finds a way to effectively improve negative, bad or unwanted conditions, and never goes into agreement with what may seem impossible to change.

This video is the result of a successful collaboration between Mike Bonnycastle and myself and was created to illustrate the application of Knowledgism principles in life to raise the mood and success potential of those we are connected to. 

Mike and I hope viewers find this short video entertaining.  We would love to have the video shared with family and friends.

(playback quality is selectable by clicking the gear icon in the YouTube frame)

Length: 31 minutes
File size: 3.4 GB
Frame dimensions:  1920 x 1080
Frame rate: 29 frames/second
Encoding:  High Definition MP4
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