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I was recently asked to "tell the visitors of the forum" frequented by former practitioners of other spiritual enlightenment endeavors: "In one paragraph, what is Knowledgism."

For that particular forum I tried to take the approach that "it is different to the what you are familiar with" type definition.  It is one of the workable ways to get understanding on something new by comparing it to the familiar, even if only in terms that it not, absolutely not that thing they are familiar with.

My first one-paragraph attempt was this:

In simple terms, it's a body or work that enables us to attain what we hoped we'd get from Scientology . . . But Alan defines it in his Knowledgism dictionary thus:
 KNOWLEDGISM The high tech - high touch use of knowledge processes and
procedures to optimize economies, societies, areas, subjects, objects, groups, and individuals, and help their utilizations, quality and viability for the greatest good of all. It is based on a win-win accomplishment for all. Knowledgism is an inclusion of what is best from all past systems. As Knowledgism expands it will cross all boundaries of race, nations, color, and creed. (The Zones of Life Book, Vol. I, Chapter Two)
My friend and host of the other forum/blog replied:

That's the marketing paragraph. What is it actually?
:( ??? 

So . . . in more than one paragraph, I wrote for his blog:

Knowledgism is a collection of knowledges and truths that have been discovered pertaining to the true nature of our spiritual existence, powers and abilities that are applied as a technology of exercises, drills and processes which restore to the individual and related groups the powers, abilities, attributes and virtues addressed.  The recovery and empowerment of these powers and abilities is on a gradient and manner unique to each individual as each Being's state of "case" or condition of existence is unique to each Being.  Thus, in Knowledgism, there is no prescribed "cookie-cutter," one size fits all declaration of progress or putative attained states.  What is stated is that each individual's case is unique, though the mechanics are the same; and that it is an error to process every individual on an identical, putative line-up of progress. 
Additionally, Knowledgism corrects the omissions and errors in earlier systematic attempts to address and restore the spiritual presence of each individual to optimum.
Knoweldgism is not a "therapy," per se.  As a practice, its drills, exercises and processes are directed at helping the client attain his or her own wants, dreams/aspirations and purposes.  As a practice, it can also involve addressing aberrations and other impediments such that the client's powers and abilities are freed for optimum performance and use.  Knowedgism procedures can be self-administered (solo processed) or done in session with a processor who works with the client doing the drill or exercise or, in the case of applying its subjective processes, the processor, by asking questions, causes the client to inspect areas of existence needing to be resolved such that encysted spiritual Life-Force is unlocked, freed and returned to the individual as free, known, Life-Force and power under the individual's control. 
Unlike other practices that hold that one's spiritual connections need be "exorcised" as though vermin, the truth that Knowledgism has found is that we as "composite Beings" had long ago formed spiritual teams and alignments that, rather like marriages that have developed discord, should be addressed harmoniously and restored to a positive and aligned relationship as these spiritual connections are basically a key source of power in the forming of the realities of existence.  Though, we have also found, there can be individual spiritual connections that are opposed to us and these and the spiritual strife they cause can be freed with Knowledgism techniques.
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 ;D   ;D 

Something more to add here . . .

As you folks who have been with us on this forum a while now, we actually do operate as a cooperative and co-empowering team.

My write-up above was run by two of our advanced guys here: Paul and "MyCanvas."

Paul had me change some key words for better clarity and to also avoid offending some sensibilities :-[ 

MyCanvas had the idea that what had to be said might better be conveyed by numbering and listing the points to be made sequentially.

Rather than reconstruct my original, I posted it in the vein of my English and New York Times-The Times (of London) complex sentence structure (M&

Here is MyCanvas's numerical list . . .


  • Is a spiritual/mental practice which restores an individual's basic purposes.
  • Provides a simple means to regain the energy and enthusiasm of one's youth.
  • Provides tremendous emotional relief through heavily tested and researched techniques.
  • Holds that every individual has their own unique program.  There is no "standard" paradigm for behavior.  One's individuality is paramount.
  • Individual processing guidelines focus on what the individual wants to focus on.
  • Disentangles the individual from prior decisions, actions, and relationships that are holding him back. 
  • Once the above is addressed, the individual will gain better control his life and be able to enjoy more harmony, better friendships and greater fun in achieving their wants.
  • Has no political agenda.

I coach folks who actually attain their ideals

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The "what is" Knowledgism dialogue continued on the other forum/blog . . . as I've said: I live a double life.  What can I say.

The response to my opening post above that I replied to this morning was obviously posted by a former practitioner of Scientology, and it is true that most if not all of the folks posting on the blog are escapees from that endeavor.  Definition of MEST= Matter, Energy, Space, Time . . . the physical universe.

Here is the dialogue:

Rafael Sánchez Núñez says: 2016-07-09 at 03:19

It sounds like a better scientology technology version, without an absolute clear state or false cause over mest OT levels. I wonder if Roger could be able to elaborate a little more on what is done on their OT levels version ( I mean, is there any aim of cause over mest on your tech ? ).
My reply:

Good comments and questions, Rafael.
I think it will be best if I cite each point you raise and answer them each comprehensively, otherwise a short handle of it all in one comment is likely to raise more questions among the folks here.
You wrote: "It sounds like a better Scientology version . . ."
Both Alan Walter and I were in Scn in the very early days.  I got in in 1957 and lived the development of that tech till exiting in 1985 while on S/NOTs.  Alan and I first met in 1962, in Melbourne.  Thus in fact, the development and research that produced Knowledgism did stem from our involvement in Scn.  Alan was in fact the most intensely trained person in Scn . . . he actually did the SHSBC four times, and on the original version of it he indeed processed LRH in a rescue session to correct a goofed up own goal GPM of Hubbard's.
Hubbard, actually rather cleverly, hit on and promoted something that all of humanity has wanted to achieve throughout history.  He promoted the notion that he had answered the question of: what are we, what is our true nature and true powers, abilities and capacity.  Having done all of Scn, and seeing its results and outcomes, it became obvious it is a failed and even fraudulent and misrepresented "thing" Hubbard delivered.  And this not to speak of the criminal conduct of its founder and certain organizational executives.
You wrote: ". . . without an absolute Clear state or false cause over MEST OT levels."
Yes . . . there are several answers to this point. 
It is a wrong and destructive technical action to state for others what their case state or attainments "will be."  It creates a "hidden standard" and is a misdirection to do so.  We are all individuals and we attain or arrive at what we each find as we upgrade our condition.
The correct technical target for the endeavor is to help the individual attain their most wanted wants and to help them discover and come to a full comprehension of their true powers, abilities and capacities such that they can direct these powers and capacities optimumly to the attainment of their wants, goals, dreams and aspirations.
Hubbard was speaking his own case when he dreamed up the "Theta-MEST Theory"  . . . and this is the genesis of the thinking in Scn of having Theta in conflict with and in need of conquest over MEST.  Hubbard, it turned out, was a dominator who had to conquer everyone and everything.
One of the datums we learned in our research in Knowledgism is that an attempt to conquer MEST is to effectively be engaged in a self-sabotage.  It is wiser to learn to work with and operate in harmony with MEST . . . this because, one of the things that can be learned is the extent to which we are each a source of this MEST thing we find ourselves ensnared in.  This happens to be an area of interest to me, as I am a student of the physical sciences, and it is a hot item being addressed on my case at the moment.  In 1963, in Melbourne, I accidentally vanished the MEST universe for me and another person I was with at the time.  This as a result of being very much mis-directed as to case advancement areas of importance due to the "Theta-MEST Theory" proposition.  It was a traumatic experience for my friend, and an issue that persisted as a case problem for me for a long time after.  You can read my write-up on this on ESMB here:
This exchange below on research notes between Alan and me might help explain a more correct and beneficial target for our spiritual development.  Copied here is my post on ESMB explaining the traffic:
This is an exchange of emails Alan and I had in November, 2006.
 We often exchanged research "notes."
 The word "Spirita" is the word Alan coined in order to get away from using the word "Theta" :
 Tuesday, November 28, 2006 2:25 PM
 To: rb .com.
 Subject: NEW AXIOM 1
 Dear Rog,
 Thanks for the research material.
 This maybe of some help.
 My suggestion is to print this off and put copies near you and read it several times a day.
 If your mood level drops or you are having difficulties with honoring your presence, power or purpose - read this.
 Definition: A Lifeforce Presence is pure Spirita it has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no form, no limitation, no location in space or in time.
 A Lifeforce Presence is infinite in depth, breadth, size and scope.
 A Lifeforce Presence in its purest state is capable of infinite aliveness, infinite powers, infinite duplication, infinite permeation, infinite intelligence, infinite abilities, infinite cleverness, infinite strengths, infinite skills, infinite creation, infinite love, infinite truth, infinite harmony, infinite knowledge, infinite know-how, infinite responsibility, infinite control, infinite experience, infinite exchange and infinite integrity it should be noted that each one of these infinite capabilities also has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no form, no limitation, no location in space or in time.
 A Lifeforce Presence is in a state of oneness with all these capabilities.
 A Lifeforce Presence is senior to all gradient scales and the mechanics of life.
 A Lifeforce Presence has the ability to create and to perceive.
 A Lifeforce Presence is the infinity of Spirita (8) that creates the containers of the becomingness of the Infinity to Zero of Spirit (8 to 0+) - to the Zero to Infinity of Space, Time, Energy and Matter. (-0 to 8 = 8 - 8008.
 27 November 2006
 Copyright © 2006
 Alan C. Walter
 Definition: a Life Static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or in time. It has the ability to postulate and to perceive.
 I replied next day:
 New Axiom 1---Something Omitted

 Dear Alan,
 I've been chewing on the New Axiom 1, and I do believe we have a very important item omitted. It is:
A Lifeforce Presence has infinite potential.
 One could use the less familiar noun form, "potentiality." Good big dictionaries give wonderful expressions of what these concepts are in the context of an attribute of the state of existence of pure Spirita.
 This is a big concept. The stem word, of course is potent. And the original definition of it as an adjective is: that has power; potent. A modern adjective definition is: that can, but has not yet, come into being; possible; latent; unrealized; undeveloped; opposed to actual. The noun definition is: something potential; a potentiality. (These definitions from Webster's New Twentieth Century Dictionary, Unabridged Second Edition (Simon & Schuster.) A simple noun definition of it from The American Heritage Dictionary, Second College Edition, is: The inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or coming into being.
 I have for the last several months been processing in the area of this state of "ultimate, infinite potential/potentiality" and the what stemmed from it when, as a "Life-Force Presence of infinite potential," (and interestingly I did use those words to articulate the scenario in session) I and/or we acted to convert the potential to express actual states of Being or conditions of existence, and produced "things".
 Hence my view that we need to add this concept to complete the full statement of New Axiom 1.

 Alan did embrace my bright little contribution. In his lecture dated October 16, 2007, titled "Life" his opening dissertation about "Life" was all to do with this concept of its innate potential.


Thus one can see that, if our work is taking the person in the direction of discovering, recovering and empowering his capacity to express his infinite potential, it would be a severe blunder to superimpose on the endeavor any notion of fixed levels or of relationships vis a vis MEST.
So to answer your question of: ". . . is there any aim of cause over MEST in your tech?"
The honest answer to this is:  It is not a stated or expressed aim or purpose of or for the tech per se but, yes, if you wish to apply it to that end it would be your aim of your application of it.  And it is fair and honest to say that the guys I personally know and coach are achieving, a) really true freedom from being unduly effect in their relationship with the physical universe and, b) are being better able to manipulate the physical universe in a manner agreeable to and more optimum with others.  But there is a HUGE gradient of degrees of accomplishment on this.
There are some answers on this in Alan's book: "Gods in Disguise" . . . data available on forum.
You wrote: ". . . what is done on the(ir) OT levels version."
Yes, well, in order to answer this in the terms of what processes are available and applied to address the various of Scn case advance states as laid out in Hubbard's various versions of "OT Levels"  :(  it would be best to relate how we address each individual and what is applied as we make progress. 
Firstly we don't tell folks what they should be addressing, what their putative case is, and we don't have a cookie-cutter production line to put them on.  We ascertain what it is the individual is interested in and wants to handle or attain . . . and address THAT.  This is true for absolute newbies as well as for advanced guys.  We do have a vast array of processes available to achieve whatever the client wants . . . and in this context we have R/Ds never dreamed of in Scn that address and handle issues of spiritual "case" unknown to Scn, as noted below.
In the context of the OT3 and NOTs materials, we don't pigeon hole it.  Some utterly new folks come on our lines very aware of their spiritual connections in the form of "spirit guides" and as referred to by all sorts of other what we would now refer to as "new age" names.  What we do is process, coach or train the guy in front of us on what he wants handled and in the course of this, eventually the issue his spiritual connections will come up and have to be addressed.  This can occur in one of two ways:
1) In the negative sense, the client can collide with a little difficulty and slowness in resolving an area of "case" (that is, something is not resolving).  Here we then check for the source of the what is not resolving:  "Is it yours, a Spiritual Teammate or Team, or mutual?"  And handle the correct "who."
2) In the positive sense, the guy being aware of his spiritual connections opts to include the enhancement of this aspect of his existence.  We have a precise array of process R/Ds for dealing with what might be referred to as the Scn 7th Dynamic of other spiritual connections and presences where ever they are.
In Knowledgism, we are aware of the fact that, long, long ago prior to the creation of the physical universe, we each formed groups and teams of connections to work with in our dealing with other Beings.  Our own connections thus formed became what we now refer to as our spiritual teammates or team.  And this action was part and parcel of the creation of each individual's Home Universe.  Though Alan agreed with me that we might better also refer to the "universes" he delineated in "Gods in Disguise" as "Domains of Spiritual Existence." 
Noted is the point that the sequence of the development of these Domains of Existence is actually the record of our decline through a series of changes of state of Being from a putative "Native State" to human in the physical universe.
"Gods in Disguise" lists and describes twenty-six Spiritual Domains of Existence or Universes, fifteen of which are prior to the physical universe being brought into existence.  The physical universe, in actuality, is a consequence of and solution to having screwed up and failed in the earlier Game Domain Universes.  We have the R/Ds for addressing and undoing our being unknowing effect of and locked into these earlier Domains of Existence . . . and including the set-up and entrapment in the Physical Universe. 
The factuality of Hubbard's OT3 incident thing is doubtful and it is certainly the fact that NOT "ALL individuals in this sector went through it."
As regards very advanced actions and dealing with "MEST as an OT"  . . . it happens when and as it happens for each individual.
Let's look at a likely progress for someone who did advanced levels in Scn and had big wins at various stages along the way.
As I noted in my 2009 FZ Conference Presentation in Pasadena, the typical thing that has happened to folks who had huge big wins (and "key outs") in Scn is that they have gone through what we have discovered and refer to as the "Ascension Crash and Burn" phenomena.  Folks in this condition are typically wanting to get back that ascended to state of Being.  We have precise tech on the why and what of this, and it is imperative that this situation be handled and repaired before one attempts to advance the case further.  What routinely happens in the ascension crash and burn is that the individual, for various reasons, activated the next higher level of case and charge above the level he ascended to.  This is an issue Scn has no understanding of nor any tech to deal with it . . . and hence the ex-Scn community is littered with upset people and upset cases.
Here is the link to the tech write up concerning the 2009 Pasadena FZ presentation.  You will also find this on our Knowledgism Practice Group Forum.
Once the highest ascended to state has been recovered, empowered and put under the person's knowing control, then the guy can "process from the top down" . . . that is, from his highest attained state of Being with his most available knowledge and power, he can address the negative impediments to his attaining his wants from a position of cause and knowingness rather than from the position of unknowingness and suffering the effects of the item to be handled.
Now the guy is in a position to discover what his OWN true case is and based on, and to then thereafter to process HIS TRUE CASE.  This is the material of The Prime Source Axiom CODES.
Each individual has a case that developed based on a pair of "Codes" that he developed that is his personally . . . and to be processing a case in the attempt to "make it all the way out" without knowing and being able to process the guy based on his Codes will only screw up because one would then not be processing that person's actual true case.  The person's Codes are the key to the why and what he is on about in life and thus the key to the basis of how his case developed.
Once the individual knows his Codes, he can then safely and correctly deal with his Earlier Universe case.
This fact and vital area of tech is something unknown and omitted in Scientology.
As regards "being at cause over MEST" . . . ;D
This issue is addressed effectively all the time during the client's progress (with auditing/processing and coaching sessions) and in his daily life.  That may sound a little strange, but the fact is, we don't see the MEST universe as some sort of opponent to conquer.  We have the tech on how it came into being and the part we play in its continuance.  You will read lots of examples and reports of successes on this point on our forum.
We have a body of knowledge and a particular tech point and a series of processes we refer to as S.P.I.E.P.I.R.  It is an anagram for the sequence of actions we all go through as "OTs" or operating spiritual Beings when we do or produce anything.
The sequence is this: as SPIRIT the being PERCEIVES an area of existence to address to handle or do something about and, following the perceiving and evaluation of the subject area forms and creates an INTENTION to accomplish a need or want which is then ENVISIONED exactly how it will be, and when and where it will be brought into being; then, following the envisionment the Being then PLANS out the sequence of acts and accomplishments needed to be IMPLEMENTED to achieve the RESULT desired as originally envisioned.
To be noted is the point that each of these actions of the SPIEPIR sequence is a spiritual ability and power.  In Knowledgism, we have a series of processes and R/Ds that exercise and drill these powers and abilities precisely such that a person can use them knowingly and at the correct level of power needed to handle his level of operation vis a vis the physical universe.  And part of the hatting all clients get in this area of their progress is the need of the application of these tech points in their daily life.
But, it is a huge gradient we are on when thinking of coming to "total" command of and over the physical universe: but it does and has occurred for some of us. 
The truth is, those actions we address with the SPIEPIR R/Ds are spiritual powers being drilled/processed in the physical universe and also beyond it.  But, it is a learning curve for most folks.
Rafael, I hope the above covers all the points for you . . . it's a little long, but that is because Knowledgism is vastly more complete than Scientology and we do deal with what has to be handled with more specificity, accuracy and completeness.

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