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March 20, 1998
38 min / MP4

In this video titled BODY AND SPIRIT, Alan reveals some remarkable information.

Some folks, when they have ascensions, then try to by-pass the body to "stay high."

Alan refers also to the point that many of the guys who have spent a long time as processors, begin to suffer from degenerative diseases.  One can begin to feel physically "burned out."  (We have particularly noticed this among those doing some of the solo "get rid of" processes.)

Alan's views on getting high on the Noni juice does contain some errors . . . noni does contain some exotic micronutrients  . . . but the high for me when I drank it was from its high glycemic index monster sugar dose.  We are talking in the terms of drinking liquid sugar (a sweet fruit juice concentrate is added to kill the bitter taste of the relatively small amount of noni).

To be noted is that what Alan was promoting was a product that is a multi-level marketing item.  In due course (a year or so) the product dropped off the lines.  It was introduced to him by Dean Stokes.  You can instead get powdered Noni Fruit (in capsules) if you want to check out its effects without the sugar hit.  To be noted is that Alan died of cancer of the mouth and esophagus  . . . most likely due to chain smoking low cost cigars for most of his life, but high sugar hits are known to promote cancers as does nicotine.

Also note he states that it was the need to repair the earlier tech (Scientology) that was how we came to develop the correct answers we have in Knowledgism.

He refers to:

Cellular (engram) clearing (body clearing)
Mind clearing
Spiritual clearing

Stay to the end of the video . . . it looks as though it is going to end several times . . . The real deal is later in the video.

The key information is that Scn is "linear tech" that deals only with an "incident" or action (like a harmful act or upset) . . . Knowledgism is holographic: it deals with the whole of the Presence of the Being both before and after the event!  And holographic processing enables you to process from the "top down."

On a personal note, most of you know I have a background in the medical, biochemical and physical sciences.  This apart from being an elite athlete in my earlier years.  Thus I do have some comment to make on the points made in this video.

Firstly, the key to preventing degenerative disease is the proper balanced intake of essential fatty acids, with the activated EFAs (EPA/DHA and GLA) being need for folks as they age.  I wrote a magazine article (attached) on this subject 20 or 30 years ago.

Attached also is Alan's R/D on "Cellular Processing" . . . it is vital tech and to be used often as you upgrade your spiritual condition and awareness . . . this because, as you become more aware and more powerful and also larger spiritually, your address to and relationship with your body cell energy states will change and will need to be adjusted.  Note that wording:  body cell energy states -- more on that at another time.

For those of you who really want to (or because of age need to) spend time on studying the details of the/our causative spiritual relationship with the physical universe and our bodily function and its health, I do recommend the book: Medicine Beyond, by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby MD, etc., PhD.  I have known Keith for 50+ years.  Last month I wrote a piece titled COMPARATIVE TECHNOLOGIES -- this following my attending the Medicine Beyond Conference hosted by Keith.  In it you'll read my grumble about the language used which I find to be the repetition of other scientists' inexact pseudo language.  They do tend to repeat and carry forward each others' adopted/affected speak, these PhDs.  So when you read the book, and I do sincerely recommend you do so, be alert to the jargon . . . example: things like saying the electromagnetic emanation of an atom "transfers information" to another atom or the human cell.  I find that kind of sloppy use of language to be lazy and erroneous and to actually mis-inform!

A more correct statement, though it would require more words, would be to say: "The electromagnetic emanation transfers or imparts its characteristics and attributes to the affected atom or human cell."

But, you will have the opportunity to chew on all this for yourself.  The advanced members of our forum are familiar with my penchant for exact language and have seen it in earlier postings on subjects ranging from physics (discussions on "energy" and "Force") to notes on the exactitude of our spiritual nature and capacities.

Please realize you do have the capacity to enormously affect the condition of both your bodily structure and its cells and also the physical universe.

I will in due course be writing of my observations on the relationship of our spiritual Presence, condition, powers and actions and their affect upon both the physical universe and our bodily structure and its cellular health.  It is an important and big subject.

For now you will gain immensely by reading Keith Mumby's book.  Though it is monstrously large, I am still only half way through its 500+ pages of small type.


Rejuvenation Series 3 Cellular Processing

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As always, good information.
I used Dr. Budwig Flaxseed Oil for some time. It's of a very good quality.
Apart from flaxseeds, another very good source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 are hemp seeds (in very good proportions). Another good thing about them is that they contain all the neccessary amino-acids (and no, it's not intoxicating as some might believe (.! ). And they're very tasty when you buy them shelled. 

Another very important thing (at least in nordic climate with short days and long winters) is Vitamin D3 (wich is a hormone to be precise). Some new research has shown that a vitamin D3 insufficiency can be at the root of many diseases in the human system.

(I'm a layman in all that, but I think it's important information.)

Kind regards,
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Yep. . . Vit D be sure to get the D3 form (Cholecalciferol) that is  natural not the dry "ergo" form that is synthetic shit.

Johanna Budwig is one of my heroes . . . she actually used flaxseed and sulfur based protein from cottage cheese to cure cancer.

Christian, she wrote a wonderful book (I read in English translation) "The Photo-Elements of Life" . . .

The lady was a genius . . . if you want to know how BIG a genius . . . do a Google search and observe the libelous smear campaign that is being done on her, particularly in wikipedia . . . by, guess who (M&  . . . even clicking on the links to get to the German bibliography of her books gets the same fraudulent misdirecting "not safe! go away!" from the likes of Norton internet security I was seeing when I visited various alternative economics and political sites I frequent and know as safe!

Don't kid yourself that the internet is not being perverted by "the powersz that don't want you free."

The key to essential fatty acids is that a) they form and comprise the membrane of each cell in the body, b) the omega 6 version is imperative for collagen production and c) lipids comprise more than 30% of the body.  BUT, the real deal is that, as Budwig demonstrated, they enable photo-electron exchange in the system to thus allow cells to be energized.

The reason she never received the Nobel she was nominated for (7 or 8 times) is that she blew the whistle on trans-fats in margarine that the the director of the German government health institute she worked for held the patents on! 

Thus, both the bastardized food oil industry and the medical cancer industries along with the cardiovascular treatment industries would be put out of business if her truths were allowed to stand!

Christian read her books in German . .

I coach folks who actually attain their ideals

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This makes all sense, Roger.

I will look into her bio and research.

Many of her books are out of print. I'll check eBay and other second-hand book ressources. Sabine is also very interested in this subject.

Don't kid yourself that the internet is not being perverted by "the powersz that don't want you free."
Yes, of course. That's where the big money is coming from: Sickness, War, Disability/Dependence.
We can be lucky that the internet is still working the way it does.
Regarding hemp, the mis-information campaign about it in the 20s/30s is very interesting. You can get all the info online if you like.
Nowadays Mon$anto's is working on GMO hemp. So don't be anyone surprised if you see that Cannabis is being made socially acceptable. It's the big money all over again.
But hemp seeds is a good food (of course not the modified varieties). Good clothes. Great paper quality compared to wood. And so much more. And compared to cotton needs only little water to grow. It's used in the production of some parts of Mercedes Benz :-D And in the construction industry. The whole subject is very worth knowing.

Christian read her books in German . .
Yes. I will check if I get a copy. Or maybe online ressources in PDF format.
Thank you. This is very good data.
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Now I watched the video, and thank you for uploading, Roger!

I remember this Noni Juice from back in 2004. It was the same bottle with the same guy on the label. It was sweet, but very energizing. I can remember how I would go back to the bottle for more  ;D
Obviously I had deficiencies. But yes, it was sweet and I would today rather buy the juice without suger or as powder.
One of the people in the audience said she went exterior immediately.
I had such a feeling of a total key-out on several occasions connected to different nutritional supplements. One of those has been the noni juice, another have been blue-green algaes. Yet another one was so called brewing yeast tablets. And also Rhodiola. (Rodhiola is very helpful in processing I've found.)

In one instance the key-out was so great that I felt that my spiritual team responsible for the body (I have then described it as "my GE felt so happy it litterally kissed me") was very excited about it. I felt exterior for a week (I don't remember whether it was the green-blue algae or the brewing yeast, but I think it was the former).

So I can relate to what Alan called "false case" in the lecture. And for this reason some time ago Sabine and I completely changed our diets (lots of fresh, raw, =alive, veggies).
Also oxygen is a very important part in the mix. That's why we do some little physical excercises with breathing as an important part of it.

I salute Alan for being so honest with us in this lecture.
It's very important and it's good he didn't pretend to know all about it. I appreciate it.

Kind regards,

I've found an interesting little animation about Pro-xeronine, the main important ingredient of the noni juice:

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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To contribute something in this field I would like to tell you that in the field of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and micronutrients there is a lot of important information. A field that began with Linus pauling (Nobel Prize, Biochemistry and Peace) with its beautiful and spectacular studies on vitamin C, through Dr Beck, Dr. Hulda Clark, and many other vegans or not, to reach that great I personally recommend the daily intake of nutritional supplements to megadoses as does the orthomolecular medicine, the diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Fiber, vegetables, fruit and protein, water distilled with electrolytes (Read the book of choice is clear for example gave me a lot of clarity about water) and from time to time make a detox cycle taking only extracts of fruits and vegetables using Extractors of low speed that preserve ALL the nutrients of fruits and vegetables.This handling is spectacular.

Another kind of natural products for the health management include the use of silver ioniz To cleanse the lymphatic system and eliminate microorganisms that cause disease. There is much to do and study in this field. Attach some links if you are interested in learning more about these topics.

etc, etc

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