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Being a coach puts me in the line of fire of all kinds of questions from folks (M&
So, this little ditty will be about such questions, remarks, protests and other eruptions one can have as one is working one's way back up and out from what we put ourselves down here in our current condition.
Not unreasonably, based on the prior indoctrination many of us had, we expect that making major case gain or otherwise recovering major truths about ourselves would give us a monster feeling of freedom from something or some sort of feeling of expansion and cleanness and such . . . . Well, here is why what we get sometimes doesn't seem to be as expected based on the old/other wrong way of handling things.
As has often been said, Knowledgism is in the business of making more of: not making less of.  We are also not into the "get rid of stuff" think: we are into the discovery of the positives that should be, and the empowering and making more of them . . . and this has a quirk to it!
Indeed, what I am about to write is the answer to a friend who recently completed his Prime Source Axiom Codes R/D . . . he commented to me that he "Expected to experience a major freedom and release from his case, but it didn't appear to happen."
I won't be writing here our discussion, but will give you the answer to the conundrum.
Recovery of the knowledge of the truth of your "Codes" is the recovery of the truth of your highest level of positive.  It is the recovery of the knowledge of the basis of all your power, your purposes, wants, the driving force behind the why and what of you . . . and of course, the key to the development of the case you developed as you declined down through the universes.
And what happens when one ascends up into these higher levels of truth, awareness and knowledge is that, sometimes/often, the individual is also confronted by and experiences all of the comparable negatives that encysted their positive power.
Some folks at this point of case gain experience amazing feelings of expansion, recovered power and freedom of awareness: others experience amazing new understandings and alignment of knowledge but no particular magical "freedom."  For myself I got a funny sort of combination of expansion into new understandings and knowledge but with a new experience of what "case" I then had to handle next to continue my journey.  What occurs at this point of major recovery of truth and ascension is an individual thing for each person determined by how the individual's case unfolds for the individual personally.
And it is here, at this higher level of the awareness of the most positive positive of your existence that you can now, and must, process "from the top down"; making more of the positive and from the position of its truth, convert the encysted spiritual Life-Force back to being under your knowing control and in positive alignment.
The truth is, as has been seen in other practices engaged in spiritual enlightenment, trying to just get rid of the negative does not restore the positive.  You can only restore the positive, and your powers, by knowingly occupying the truth and positions of your positives and from there clean them up and empower them.
But, the truth is, when you first uncover and learn of the positive it often occurs that all of the negatives that have encysted your powers are triggered.  And thus, the case quirk feeling of not getting the "gain" expected.
And this is why clients need to be very well set up, clean and well educated on spiritual literacy matters before we take them into these very much higher level areas.
And it is the above case quirk that explains a lot of why many folks dropped off lines when they got gains.  Had they known the above and continued on, then, what they sought would have come to them.  For it is then, when the positive is known, we are in the position to continue on to clean off the negatives that interfere with the positive, so as to then realize our highest ideals.
I am lucky, I came from a background of being trained as an elite athlete and I was used to the continuing hard work (and pain) of striving towards the attainment of my positive, most wanted want.  And it is also true that my many early spiritual ascensions gave me insights into this beast . . . and so, no matter what, I kept taking my next step of applying "the tech" to handle what had to be handled.
This became very real to me personally just recently.  The "funny" thing is that I had become very aware of my capacity to project visions into "the environment" and also to powerfully perceive conditions of existence about in the world . . . but concurrent with this I found myself triggering into and out of the various negative and weak sides of these powers . . . I found myself experiencing and involuntarily replicating degrees of Reluctance, Scarcity (couldn't gets), Weakness, Repression (occlusion) and even Contraction (withdrawal from my wanteds)!
You see, I had gone up through Success Breakout on the Levels of Existence and while I was aware of enjoying the abilities inherent with the positives there, I was also "turning on" and colliding with their reciprocal negatives that still remained to be handled!
As you might observe, the wrong thing would have been to stick myself with the negatives by thinking stupid thoughts about this phenomena . . . the smart move, being subject literate, was to validate my newly recovered positives and, from that position of truth, address the negative reciprocals and turn the encysted Life-Force around for recovery to positive.
Hence there are some lessons to be learned here. 
The first is that we have a long journey ahead of us: there is no magic bullet that is going to suddenly give you some exalted (falsely defined) state.  We are in the process of undoing the damage of eons of decline we have inflicted on ourselves.  There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle.
But the biggest and, perhaps, most unpalatable truth is that each ascension into higher levels of truth and awareness you make is going to take you UP INTO THE NEXT LEVEL OF NEGATIVE CASE you are going to have the opportunity to handle and get free form.
The alternative is to do nothing; not take your next step; and to consign yourself to an eternity of the mess you've had to this point in your existence.
You folks who are spending the time to get your basics well in are wise.  And I also know many of you are having huge wins and expansions of awareness and power with the Knowledgism basics.  But just be aware that, as you progress you will always be moving up into your next level of case charge impeding your powers.  And the thing to know about that, is that we have the exact processes to handle it.
I will be adding to this subject of quirks as we progress . . . .
I coach folks who actually attain their ideals

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As Learned processing from Scientology, makes it difficult to understand sometimes, the "Process the positive, to eliminate the negative",
For, some reason working with negative is more alluring, and have sort of addictive connection with negative, which is very scratchy, full of lust and greed.
Anyways, unlearning some basics learnt before, and  re-learning new basics, "I am figuring out when negative comes out finding the exact positive opposite and processing help me and my clients".
No-pain-No-gain, to all pain-all gain...

Is is possible to get any media where we can hear Mr. Alan processing someone, would be great.

Over and out
reporting from Kathmandu-Nepal

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A quick answer, knowledgeist . . .

Many folks are fixated on getting rid of what ails them.  And that simply is the way it is because what they have bugging them is upsetting to them.  Many folks get into "self betterment movements" to get rid of what bugs them.

The bad news is, when you get rid of what bugs you  . . . what now?

All the other practices I am aware of out there do not have answer to that question . . . and the end result of that is that they eventually find the next bug and negative to have to get rid of and it becomes a bottomless pit of "what's wrong to get free from."

You'll remember in my FZ presentation in Pasadena I spoke of "looking for the prior POSITIVE" (good condition, power, ability, truth knowledge subject, alignment or relationship, etc., ) that existed prior to the development of the charge and negative I'd just handled in session . . . and it was in looking for the POSITIVE TO RESTORE AND PUT BACK IN PLACE AND EMPOWER that I discovered the positively aligned Games Matrix construct.

You'll recall that that discovery was the first to lift the tech above the level of opponency and the construct of opposition items!  Opposition, by the way, is a pretty negative situation to be fixedly having, replicating or creating.

So, the first thing here is to learn what the positives are that we ought be striving to have, empower and upgrade!

You'll see them noted in our Spiritual Pillars of Power and listed in the discussion of attributes at the Gold Zone Levels of Existence.  (I still have to post all on that, but enough for now is here.)

There is no example of a session by Alan on video of this . . .  only a few very quick examples of SPIEPIR commands and a VF1 (Describe your mood level) demo on a course.

So, it's up to each of us to discover and expand our own truths on this (M&

This line you wrote: "Process the positive, to eliminate the negative",  . . . . well, examples of this are:  run a very good dose of SPIEPIR  . . . it is purely a process the positive of having you implement and exercise you actual abilities and powers . . .the result being that all the negatives that have been masking them manifest and fly off!

Another is: Describe you mood level . . .

Another is: "What positive dreams and aspirations do you have in this life time or for the future?" . . . get that one flat and observe how much shit blows off!!

Remember my example of the friend/client who came to me a month ago desperate for an answer to why he "could not get going"? . . . you'll recall my first question to him was not "what's wrong" . . . but, "When was everything going right, positive and you were winning?" . . . them, when we got that in place we processed IT (the positive) with, describe, tell, what then happened . . . and out popped the created disbelief that then became the operating precept that continued to negate his power.

More later.

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I coach folks who actually attain their ideals


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