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Benefits of Member Registration

How could someone help you?
How could you help someone else?
How could you help yourself?


  • Become a winning team member with the opportunity to meet and work with others who are becoming more spiritually aware, literate, able and powerful.  We are a work together group.
  • Participate in conversations to have questions answered by our experienced group members. Collectively, our group experience spans decades of spiritual practice.
  • Get access to dozens of workable procedures, drills and exercises which when applied result in more successful life outcomes.  All can be performed without prior experience by any individual and without investing in costly professionally delivered coaching services.

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"The truth is what the truth is, not what you want it to be. . . . The problem with truth is it nearly always conflicts with a belief."
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Yes, this is a good post, Paul.

Folks gain to the degree that they participate.  This is not an exercise in sitting back and "thinking about" things or of ruminating and developing opinions about things . . . indeed those all too human, avoidance addresses to life, are what builds up more of what entraps the true spiritual you.

I have had to often tell folks/warn folks:  PROCESS the area, don't opinionate on it!

And also, members get the most benefit when they post their wins and any needed questions . . . this way we can better help them advance.

Those who stay "secret" and/or don't post miss out on a lot of help and expanded wins!

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