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Some Wins by Members Here
Posted 8/23/15 by one of our members . . .

I decided its time to look at money and immediately realized that I have so much BS on this topic that I would have to first get all this false data, misunderstandings and so on handled. I did my first ever clean slate handling and what a ride.

Days after the process I still got wow moments and realizations. Once you strip away all the false data, assumptions and so on the dictionary definition of money becomes very powerful and easy to understand. The power in this process for me in the believe systems we form around untruth and then finding the truth crack them open to be viewed with truth. These believe systems have the ability to ruin huge areas of life.

As an example I believed money is difficult to find, a very scares thing. I had the realization that such a statement might be true for some people and those people will find they don't have a lot of it. Wealthy people on the other hand will have a total different believe on this subject.

The clean slate process is truly a rundown that "clean slates" a subject so you can start fresh.

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Re: Some Wins by Members Here
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Our forum has several levels of practice.  There is this entry level where guests can get an idea of what goes on without registering.  Not much of the Knowledgism technology and processes are available here.  Once you are Registered, you'll be able to learn and use the entry level process.  After that, you can be graduated to the Advanced Practice & Coaching section.  Then, above that we have our most advanced group, The "Stars" who have demonstrated real competence and progressed to our very most advanced materials such as the "Codes" that unlock their own personal case materials; the Earlier universes, Games Matrix phenomena and the recovery of the full truth of themselves.

In this posting I am copying some of the materials discussed in the higher sections.  This so you can get a sense of what this forum is all about.

Below copied is the sequence of posts and replies from members regarding one such item of our technology being successfully applied.

Just wanted to tell someone!

I had a real good session tonight. Was running Presence Three on an Identity for 3 days and tonight I finished it.
I could scan through the Identity and peel it away piece by piece. My presence is so much calmer now. And in those last three days I've seen how much this Identity consumed my attention and truncated my positive Presence.
This is incredible tech we have here.

Good night!
Just wanted to tell someone!
I totally get it Christian.  That is what we are here for!  #^G
Nice!  it is why we do what we do here!

Thank you!

I woke up with my space much  calmer and larger today.

I've also found the opposing/dominating Identity yesterday and will run Presence Three on it today.
I feel very positive and happy. Happy, because I located and delimited the Identities and this alone was very telling! (K&

Thank you!

Well done!   I love it when you guys handle the tech correctly and get these huge, very huge wins.

Presence 3 is indeed a wondrous process, and yes, it can take quite a while to complete it on some of these identities/Beingnesses we have worn for eons.  It is not uncommon for me to spend days and days on some of them.  Even now, I have one I'm handling that I've been at for 3 days and I'm only at question 5. B).  I keep getting such huge expansions of awareness and what we used to call "key-outs" . . . but today is more correctly recognized as having ascended up out of the case level that was being handled, into an area and next level of case that is not yet real enough to process. We now recognize it, based on the Process Basics Series, as being "Detached" . . . but a good night's sleep and the higher level of case will express itself, and away we go again.

One of the things it takes a little while for new folks to get to grips with is the magnitude and importance of just what are these "identities" and "Beingnesses" we speak of?

They are not dinky little "valences" as addressed in other earlier practices.  This is not "being like mother or father."

These identities and Beingnesses are the old existences we have adopted down through the ages . . . some are so huge as to be the empowering Life-Force of even universes.  Even the human-like expressions of them as empowered by us in earlier lifetimes can be huge.  Imagine the magnitude of the forces involved in redirecting all of the knowledge and Life-Force skills of earlier existences (even universes) into the identity of a leader of an army into a hand-to-hand battle of two-thousand years ago.

Thus it is that the charge and encysted spiritual Life-Force on these identities/Beingnesses comes off in layers.

I hope the above helps  . . .

Roger E. Boswarva

I coach folks who actually attain their ideals

Re: Some Wins by Members Here
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Below I am copying some emails I have received in the last couple of weeks from one of our members here on the Knowledgism Forum.

It really speaks to the gains folks obtain from using and properly "getting in" the basic processes of Knowledgism.

End Jan.
We are doing very well on the spiritual being exercises and will move
 over to the last set of processes, the SPIEPIR exercises in a week or so.

The doc you send me is very good. I see a lot of SPIEPIR in there as well. Some nice processes too. End of last year I read the brilliant Game Matrix pdf from Alan and middle last year I did the following on money/wealth etc.: Clean slate, upgrade processes, agreement & false realities r/d, causative processes/ negative processing, harmful acts handling, mood level- hidden who r/d, chronic mood and stupidity r/d and another handful of processes on money :-)
Feb. 4.
January usually is our worst month of the year, this year it is the best month ever. Exceeding our previous best month with more than 30%. This month we are already nearing what we made the whole of last year February.

It is definitely due to all the different processes (especially those on money and wealth) but believe the breakthrough to all this is the SPIEPER processes. I feel like a freaken money magnet LOL.

For me the most important now is getting the SPIEPER properly and fully done, getting my codes and stabilizing our income streams.

It really is a delight to see folks winning like this.  To see them so capably upgrading their operating basis, expanding their reach, wealth and prosperity . . . all as a result of heightened understanding and more knowledgeable operating.

One of the other notes I've had from this individual spoke of how he is now more ably relating to clients and business folks he has to deal with.  Nice!

You'll be able to read all about SPIEPIR in the registered level in our forum.  For now all you need to know to understand what is written above is that it is an acronym for Spirit, Perceive, Intend, Envision, Plan, Implement, Result . . . . these being the elements of all production in our games of life.  Knowledgism as a series of processes that directly address these spiritual capacities to perform.



I coach folks who actually attain their ideals

Re: Some Wins by Members Here
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This below is an example of the wins we have here when our technology is applied to real life.

Related is the sequence of emails and information dealt with via Skype.

"SPIEPIR" is simply the name of one of our processes . . . it stands for Spirit, Perceive, Intend, Envision, Plan, Implement, Result.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: SPIEPIR
 From: *****

Date: Tue, May 10, 2016 9:00 am
 To: Roger
 Hi Rog, how you doing?
 Had a major SPIEPIR session with SPIEPIR 1 today, almost 4 hours. At a
 stage I got extremely tired, Cindy had her hands full keeping me awake
 :-). At first it feels like I was busy starting to try and take control
 back of body automaticities but then had the "idea" ( I do not see
 pictures yet - just blackness)
snipped---------. Cindy did a couple of de-access
 questions during the time but as we continued with SPIEPIR I also at
 first heard a very high but soft tone to my left and later inside my
 head (like stereo), I also get the idea of
-- snipped-- and have phrases like "we
 will be angry if you amount to something" repeated to me.
 At a stage the tiredness got better but after 4 hours we stopped for the
 day and did the responsibility questions. I was quite surprised at my
 a. what have you done: allowed to be implanted, not stopping our battle,
 not ending this game
 b. what haven't you done: stopped the game, find a solution
 The last 2 month my financial situation went back to shitty -- and get a distinct idea that
 what I touched on today got a lot to do with that.
(snipped . . . .)
 What do you think Rog? I am a bit out of my depth here.

On 5/10/2016 3:35 PM,  Roger  .COM wrote:

This is something we should Skype on . . . and would be best with you on the meter . . .
Let me know a time when you are/will be free to do  it . . .

During the conversation on over Skype we identified two "thoughts" that were acting as precepts that dictated how all his activities and operational paradigms performed.

From:  ***
Date: Wed, May 11, 2016 2:38pm
To: Roger

Thanks Rog!

Did 2 sessions of the Thoughts are things rundown. It blew me away, huge wins - lots of bullshit and opinion sorted.


I next emailed him a link to certain key videos we have on the site.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: Video on the forum for you
From: ***  >
Date: Wed, May 11, 2016 4:01 pm
To: Roger

Thanks Rog, will download it tomorrow.
I was very surprised how easily one can change these thoughts to a more optimum thought. Once I saw the error in my computation and precepts and see the truth the thoughts became null in the sense that I now know it is bullshit and that makes it nearly impossible to have that thought and believing it. Having a new thought in its place created an action for me.
I released my thoughts created heavily non-harmonious, forceful and negative business flows. Once realizing it my new optimum thought is to take action when I notice flows are stopping or slowing. I will immediately do presence 1, then the environmental harmony processes and then just sit for a while spotting flows and those looking forced or not in harmony and I will send love, caring, kindness and friendliness to.
Does my action sound ok?

On 5/11/2016 9:40 PM,  Roger wrote:

;D   Excellent . . . .  this video next specially for you . . . it is what Alan did to switch from being poor to be rich . . .  but it won't be viewable for about 1.5 hours as I am still zipping it and will start the upload in about 10 minutes.  with this, you'll have access before I post to the group (later tomorrow)
Sept. 30, 1995
44 minutes

On 5/11/2016 8:26 PM, Roger wrote:

Here is a video specially for you . . . uploaded just now.
June 5, 1995

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: You two need this info
 From:  ****>
 Date: Thu, May 12, 2016 2:44 pm
 To:  Roger

Thank you Rog.
I just watched the video as well. This doc really put this in perspective.
Going to read it again and watch the video again as well over the weekend.

From: ***
Date: Sat, May 14, 2016 2:47 am
To: Roger

Thanks Rog, I hope so too.
If they do they will get the results I did, I just posted my win. I would love to read the 11 page document of yours.
I also found the VF1 questions as you suggested to really get me in the right mood to just sit for a couple of minutes looking for flows that seem stuck or "dirty" and just get them flowing effortlessly and smooth again. Also just flow love and good thoughts with interest and survival added.

On 5/14/2016  Roger wrote:
You actually are quite a star.  I love it the way you win so easily!
The document really covers two things: the theory and a history of the use of the "How has a spiritual Being/god evaluated (item) ?" question.
Attached is the original doc as sent to Alan . . . it is still in his master files that I have with other stuff I'd sent him.  But this piece he never got to using . . . so do not get too hung up in its brilliance.  I might take one slightly away from the charge we have to handle . . . though, this item of evaluation, is the thing that is the basis of all our stupid think and development of wrong answer solutions.
Following are the two posts by our member here explaining what he gained from what we did together . . . he posted in our Advanced section under the thread titled:
Education, Case Notes and Advices / Re: DROPPED BALLS & OMMITTED TECH APPLICATION 

May 15, 2016, 02:56:16 AM
Absolutely Rog.

Some advice for the new guys is to be brutally honest with yourselves. Don't worry about the reasons and justifications - of cause we do things because it sounded like the right thing to do at the time and in some cases it might even been without real choice or even by accident.

When I looked at how I stopped flows for example I could think of a 100 of reasons why I did it - shitty customers, shitty staff, bad supplier, bad economy, to much taxes, the flue, done in by business partners and the list goes on and on and on.  That just make you a victim to your own thoughts, it makes you small.

Finding reasons for what I was up to, I do all the time anyway, I do not need a process for that. )?  You see - brutally honest.

Justifications on why I stopped these business flows might make me feel a bit better about myself for a minute or two but that would not open the flows, it probably would confirm that I am "right" and keep the flows blocked or even block things up even more.

Education, Case Notes and Advices / Re: DROPPED BALLS & OMMITTED TECH APPLICATION

May 14, 2016, 02:46:33 AM
For 6 weeks our business lines were slowing down to a point where the last week it came to a halt. After listening to Roger's advice I did the thoughts are things r/d on two business thoughts.

 The result is that same day I ran the r/d I made the first sale in more than a week and the day after that (yesterday) 2 sales. More then what I did in 2 weeks. Also have 3 quotes with one excepted for payment today.

So there you have it, thoughts are indeed things and powerful things at that. And the more you do Knowledgism the more powerful you as a spiritual being get and so does your thoughts.

For interest sake the 2 thoughts were:
1. Every time the business grows well someone or something happens and I am back to square one. This brought up a lot of other practice bullshit as well. It also opened up the door to the second and even more destructive thought.
2. Its seems that the business does better when I am not around to manage it. I a thought I get and disregards in milliseconds to replace with thought 1). And when I really looked at it while looking at the consequences of the thought it was the truth, the business did do better when I do not have my attention on it. A bitter pill to swallow.  This brought up a lot of me stopping flows, trying to force flows into and out of  the business with negative thoughts.
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