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Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Re: A Daily Process for 2021
Last post by Happinosa -
Wonderful! Thank you!
Success, Prosperity and Happiness / A Daily Process for 2021
Last post by Khepri -
A bit of fun and also a wonderful way to enjoy our days I think - perform each stage as you wish! <3

1. Recognise and experience a beautiful thing
2. Recognise and create a beautiful thing for another
3. Recognise and experience a beautiful thing
4. Recognise and create a beautiful thing for another

5. Recognise and experience a beautiful thing
6. Recognise and create a beautiful thing for another

7. And what do you know now?
Quite a thread this one!  It was brought to my attention  as a result of one of you clever souls giving it a like . . .

Blame is an interesting subject.  I've had some experience with it this last week in that the course I've been on regarding creating online courses had to be shifted onto the internet instead of folks assembling in Florida.  The application that was then used to interface with attendees was Zoom . . . which properly used is a winner.

However the guy and his partner (who are truly remarkable and who operate at a genius level) are backed up by a team that is very second rate due to having a "nasty" aboard who is infecting the rest of the back-up team . . . hence errors and screw-ups abound.

Compounding the whole screw-up scene, or actually causing much of the drama is woefully inadequate communication skills . . .

The communication screw-ups and dropped balls observed and actually experienced by me was that of constantly presented incomplete information along with uncaring negligence as to the prioritizing of what needed to be communicated and how.  One example of many: The website that presented our line-up of events and dates.  It gave a clearly presented itinerary of what and when . . . then a few days before an important event, the date was changed by email simply stating the date of the event along with other promotional info . . . what was missing was a most important HIGHLIGHT stating that "WE HAVE A CHANGE OF DATE!" 

This is one example of a constant parade of faulty, inadequate communication from the back-up team . . . and they ended up screaming about how over-worked and busy they were . . . well hello, guess who was producing all the unnecessary EXTRA traffic bombarding the "help desk" with cries for help on "where is," "when, where," and worse of all, folks not being able to get access online at the promoted/expected times for courses/service they had PAID serious $$$'s for!

Too often when we went to login for events we collided with "Sorry Zoom has reached its 100 attendees limit.  Try again later."

Well the person (who is a trouble source) eventually posted: "OK, we've fixed the access.  You can get in.  Silly Zoom!"

I point out this last line because of the irresponsibility and sabotage not only to the woman herself but to the wonderful employers she is supposed to serve.  You see, every time you blame someone or something instead of retaining responsibility yourself for the events you are responsible for, even if you were not actually the source of the caused screw-up, you dis-empower yourself and reduce your cause level.

I picked up on the "silly Zoom" comment to point out:  "It looks like someone failed to remove/change a default setting in Zoom to tell it to admit a number that was greater then the number of folks registered for the event . . . think it though guys."

Instead of thanks, I received abuse from the person "in-charge" asserting she did not like "my tone," and that she and her team have been working so hard, etc., etc. This directed at me as a paying customer!  Ummm, I wonder how many sales of next level services this person cost her boss?

Sorry that the above is a littler longer than I originally thought it was going to be . . . but this issue of RESPONSIBILITY for one's actions, non-action or erroneous actions and for one's area of activity is a big subject.  You can save yourself a lot of grief by a) observing the actual responsibility level of those around you (umm, if you want to survive in one piece, you do need to be responsible for the capacity and actions of those about you that can impact you) and, b) being aware of your maintaining being responsible for your causes/inactivity and outcomes in the areas of your activity.
Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Re: OUR FUN SECTION
Last post by Christian -
Hello and welcome to the forum.

Interesting theories.

Many from us here on this forum have experiences and/or interest in other practices.

But it is also advised to study Knowledgism as it is presented and becoming familiar with the material.
Knowledgism has its own and distinct models, charts, scales and (if you so will) "cosmology".
Yes, there are overlapping similarities with other practices here and there, but similarities are not samenesses :-)

The best way to learn what Knowledgism is all about is by practicing and experiencing its application.

Please feel free asking aplication related questions in the many different threads!

Best regards,
Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Re: OUR FUN SECTION
Last post by gabifp94 -
Hi All,

I know this post is quite old but as I'm new to the forum I'm reading everything old first.

I come from a background in non-mainstream "New Age" tech from Brazil, spiritism, ufology and the likes (also a bit of Scn too) so thought I would share a different viewpoint on this topic.

From what I have understood, our "physical universe" does not span only were we are, there are gradients and dimensions of "physical universes", for reference let's say we are in "4D" (width, height, depth and mass/volume). These gradients or dimensions of physical universe seem to depend on the speed the Electron spins around the Nucleus of the Atom, if accelerated, we change phase and "go up" a dimension. And that dimension up is not "spiritual" it is still physical but less dense.
Therefore, time flows differently as we go to these different dimensions, for a "5D" being 1 year of his life could represent 24,000 of our years in our reference point, as his electron spins much faster.
In Scn I haven't seen this distinction, it's either MEST or Theta, but MEST has gradients too, not sure yet about Knowledgism on this subject.

Add to it that planets seem to all be in their own "temporary bubble". A lot of interstellar travel technology, when visiting a planet, consisted on going back or forwards in time to the period were the planet had the best environmental conditions for a civilisation to exist in. Planets span different physical universe dimensions within themselves.
I don't personally see our time track/trail as linear, it has many jumps, sometimes we are in the future and sometimes in the past, depends on our reference point, dimension and other factors. When we clear "past" upsets it might be that actually we were clearing future upsets from our point of view. (I never liked R3R's approach to incident running due to this)

The physical universe seems to end above "8D" and the atomic and energetic configuration becomes more spiritual or composed of spirita. Spirita and/or Life-Force Particles always permeate all possible dimensions.

There's a lot of literature referring to a specific alien race that claim to be our future selves (evolved from the current human race). There's also tales of rescues being done in the past of souls just before a cataclysm on planets after the cataclysm happened.
We seem to have more control of time (spiritually and technologically) as we go up in the dimensions.

In this view, it is in theory possible to change past events, but it doesn't seem to change the fact that the original past and future happened, it merely creates a new different future from that point onwards.
It is as if what can be modified in the past is only the spiritual side of it (souls/thetans/spirits) but not what physically happened.

Indeed, fun and interesting.  I like Paul's reply.

Last weekend at a workshop on developing Medical Intuition, the instructor (a female intuitive healer and 'psychic') went over several cases she had worked in the past 36 years or so.    The following story may indicate to this topic:

She was working with a man who had "bad luck" amongst other things.  In the course of helping him with his ailments, she came upon an emotion of "bad luck" which was underlying a somatic of his.  When she got the story behind his somatic complaint, they discovered he had had some unresolved/indolent issue in which pinned he had managed to get "back luck" appended to his self/Self.

She continued with her "healing" modality with him to dispel the issue(s). 

When he followed up with her, he reported to her that not only had his luck changed (he had won something significant completely unexpectedly), but his three sons also had significant changes in their own fortune almost immediately. 

To Kn'ists, we understand clearing things up in one's own universe, but to have it spread to the genetic family line is not often talked about. 

Quantum science folks talk about entanglement theory.  Perhaps in disentangling the energetic/life force abnormality of an event in one's immediate life, it also disentangles it's replicated connections in others' who are related to the host and with whom the replicated effect is present through some relationship. 

More at a later time...

In Brazil's Umbanda and Candomble religions the genetic relation has huge importance in a being, a "curse" on the father or mother can spread onto the children and family for generations. A "blessing" seems to do the same.
Japanese Shinto revolves all around worshipping our ancestors.
This seems to have a big effect on a being's case, if we see part of our spiritual team as being our ancestors too this makes a lot of sense.
Yes, Carmel is right, Johnny.

It is a big and important question you have asked. . . . the best move, given your background would be for you and me to have a chat over Zoom.  That way we can ascertain "where you are at" in terms of all past activity along with what your attention might be on to handle.

You have my direct email . . . if you have Zoom (we prefer it to Skype) we should get on each others' Zoom contact list.

Thanks for your question.
This would be better handled via private message or email.
A place to start is by reviewing the information in "Registered member" section.
Or, you can use the search function to pull up posts connected to the subject or area you are interested in.
Excellent. Where would you suggest one get started from this approach?
Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Re: THE CHART OF ASCENSION
Last post by Roger Boswarva -
Hah!  The latest area of charge/item to pop up was a mood of "fake mastery".  HOLY crap!.  Tons of TA, especially surrounding an old quasi-spiritual group I was enthralled with. 
Thought I'd share.  Very fun to run.

Can't stop laughing.

What a brilliant cognition . . . obviously worth a good belly laugh! (M& )?
Success, Prosperity and Happiness / Re: THE CHART OF ASCENSION
Last post by MyCanvas -
Hah!  The latest area of charge/item to pop up was a mood of "fake mastery".  HOLY crap!.  Tons of TA, especially surrounding an old quasi-spiritual group I was enthralled with.  
Thought I'd share.  Very fun to run.

Can't stop laughing.


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