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Roger E. Boswarva FBIM, CPT and Virginia Koenig CPT
Presented at
The International Society for Performance Improvement
N.E. Regional Chapters' Conference -- October 25, 2002
Annual International Conference -- April 10-15, 2003
Corporate and/or individual performance improvement efforts can now be done with the benefit of a metrics grid which delineates the correctly aligned values of performance capacities that must be addressed in any effort to evaluate and optimize performance.

The availability of such a tool as The Success Profiles Performance Matrixsm is big news.  It fills what has been a huge void with a proven method of establishing, measuring, and correcting as needed, the elemental components of successful performance.

The above is the opening patter of the attached word doc.

I have posted this info because it contains both the LIFE ANALYSIS GRAPH and the SKILLS ANALYSIS GRAPH Alan refers to in the video I am currently uploading titled, THE VALUE OF THE ZONES.

Both my document attached and the video contain very valuable information.

So you know, The International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) is a worldwide professional organization dealing with, mainly, corporate and organizational performance.  As many of you here know, I spent a career as a consultant to the elite of the corporate who's who, as well as being retired as a Fellow of the British Institute of Management where I taught and ran management training symposia for the BIM in the UK; and also the Management Center Europe, based in Brussels.

PS: Those CPT designations above mean Certified Performance Technologist . . . it is a certification based on accomplishment and qualification and given by ISPI to the worthy. 8)

Here is the write up for the video . . . . 


This is an early video giving the basics of how Alan learned to use the knowledge he had regarding the phenomena of peoples' different positions on the Levels of Existence. 
The early key to it was his devising the use of the familiar Red, Yellow and Green to signify where "UP" and improvement is to new folks who were spiritually illiterate. 
He also used this to do instant hatting on folks to enable order being put into the environment about him.
The tape gets off to a rather slow start but delivers some real gems once he knows you have the basics of this key Knowledgism data.
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Thank you Roger

I had given your 2003 presentation a once over some years back but a brief glance at it again yesterday convinced me that I REALLY DO NEED TO STUDY IT and Clean Slate those column headings across the charts.  (One more project to add to my already long queue of processing actions).

For you others who may not be familiar with me, I have been running KN processes for 4+ years now with Roger's coaching and am one of those Codees you may have heard about.  This said, not to toot my horn, but remind all of the tremendous benefits that can be obtained with that 'introductory' process of Clean Slating.  Clean Slate is NOT just for beginners!

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"The truth is what the truth is, not what you want it to be. . . . The problem with truth is it nearly always conflicts with a belief."
ACW . . . 'Making It All The Way Out'

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Yes, Paul is correct on that . . .

One of the important actions you can do to advance your case as well as your Super Being Consciousness, is to use the case handling version of the Clean Slate Procedure on all of the words noted a) across the top and bottom of those charts (horizontally) as well as, b) all the words shown at the left as the Levels of Existence on our "Chart of the Zones"  (Training Series 14) that is available to our Registered Members attached to the post titled "Moods and Zone Chart."

You see, words are merely only physical universe representations, either in written or sound form, of spiritual concepts and powers.

And thus the gain to be had from Clean Slating them . . . the words listed on those charts are what Alan called "The Power Words."

People too often think they will only get the gains they seek by using the most heavy duty, bazooka-type, A-Bomb power processes (.!  big goof.  Monster, most valuable gains, are obtained by getting these basics in, plus the bonus they give of you of then being able to fully realize on the opportunity of the gains the A-Bomb Powered processes can give.

To be honest, folks who skip this level of case address of Clean Slating the key Power "Words" Concepts of spirituality, begin to collide with "what the hell is this all about???" when they are dealing with the A-Bomb Power level "stuff."

Depending on what I see further posted on this thread, I may well post the other write-up I did addressing the ABILITIES as depicted in our charts.  It too was presented at an earlier ISPI Annual Conference . . . Alan loved both write-ups and the applications of them I put together.

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I coach folks who actually attain their ideals

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Attached are cleaner (more legible) copies of the Skills Analysis Chart and Life Analysis Chart.  They are useful to have printed out when watching the video THE VALUE OF THE ZONES.
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"The truth is what the truth is, not what you want it to be. . . . The problem with truth is it nearly always conflicts with a belief."
ACW . . . 'Making It All The Way Out'

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This is awesome data.
The Life and Skills Analysis Charts and how the faculties depend on each other and are twin-related and the way you described all that in your Presentation... You are a genius. And you have a way with words.

While reading the presentation I envisioned where I need to put my attention on in the following year, where I need to improve, where my sequences crash. It's not that I am not satisfied with the results I am able to create, but the Size of Game could increase and now I can look earlier in the faculties sequence to improve/upgrade the preceding "outnesses".

This is quite a revelation!

Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom with us.

All the best for a Happy and Blessed New Year 2016!


"A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart."
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Revisiting this December 2015 post by Roger.  I am clean slating the column headers (Essential factors of Life + Essential Skills) of those Analysis Charts.  Roger's write up attached to THE SUCCESS PROFILES PERFORMANCE MATRIXsm  has helped my comprehesion tremendously.

I am always looking for ways to condense and align data for my own reference and today created a 'chart' based upon Roger's excellent write up.  It is attached here as Essential Life Factors-Skills. but do revisit Roger's presentation.
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"The truth is what the truth is, not what you want it to be. . . . The problem with truth is it nearly always conflicts with a belief."
ACW . . . 'Making It All The Way Out'

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Yes, important post, Paul.

Indeed, your chart you created, Essential Life Factors & Skills for Success,  is aptly named and a winner.

Also very good advice you give in regards the wisdom of making sure folks have lifted off the negative charge, precepts, beliefs and such from each of these powers, abilities and capacities as, underlying these "words," that are merely the physical universe sound or written symbols representing the true spiritual concept, action or thing, you have the powers, abilities and capacities you apply or direct whenever you are engaged in pursuit of your wants.

Alan has referred to these as the "power words" . . . he is right on that.

Take a look at these key words/concepts and conceive of how much they are or have been screwed up for folks!

You would be wise to be sure they are not screwed up or otherwise impeded for you.


I coach folks who actually attain their ideals


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